God is the best parent…!

God is THE BEST PARENT! He is so so so…. protective about his kids that he keeps everyone’s journey special and just to himself. He does not reveal anyone’s journey or path to anybody else. He helps, guides, walks with us every step of the way….. does not let us fail…. and he always always always ensures that we are protected and safe. He continuously strengthens our soul with each passing day….!

Every single person on this earth…. every object…. every grain of sand…. every thing… visible and invisible is going through its own journey….. A journey of change….a journey of transformation that no one else can possibly decipher….

This change is not only driving the universe but driving our emotions… our bodies… everything….

Everyone knows the others superficially but no one knows anyone’s inner journey….

No one can know anyone else because it is such a precious and special journey that no one is supposed to know it better than the soul itself…. and sometimes even the soul cannot comprehend its own journey.

Just like a parent protects his/her kid and keeps their secrets private to themselves…. Similarly…. God keeps everything to himself.

There may be thousands of articles about some one in the newspaper or on TV…. yet…. no one can know their exact journey. Similarly, there may be thousands of videos around the globe about someone but no one…. absolutely no one can know their struggles or achievements…

Not just human beings…. the journey of every non living thing is also unknown…. Every object is also going through a series of transformations…. that no one is aware of…

No one owns anything…. so no one can own their entire journey…

I was reading how trash processing plants in the US process massive amounts of trash… recycle it and again sell it to manufacturing plants and factories for creating new products.

Who knows that the $5000 expensive photo frame that someone owns… may have gone through a journey through a trash processing plant and be made of recyclable materials….! Its journey is unknown!

An object has worth only till it is being used…. When it’s not being used or is not of any purpose, then it has no value…. no worth… monetarily or emotionally…. You have to let it go… back to nature… back to the earth!…. You have to let your loved ones go too…. on their journey… no matter how harsh it feels…

God does not reveal the future to anyone…. because if the future is good…. people will rush towards it leaving everything else behind…. they will become greedy… And if the future is bad…. they will not have the courage to move forward…. So God has taken full responsibility of the future… without revealing it to us.

Everything is moving forward by default…. There are no ifs and buts to it… There is no other choice for humans except to keep moving forward… having the faith and STRONGLY BELIEVING that their journey will only be their own. (And no one else will know about it… no matter what)

That’s how God protects his children in his loving ways….. that no one else can….

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