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Nothing belongs to us!

Understand and be compassionate

What are we doing for our children?

A Servant leader makes others successful

Life happens inside our head!

Everything has an impact on everything

To do more for society, enhance your personality!

Tests of values



Precious Souls

Intangible benefits of work!

Life is imperfect!

Schooling does not guarantee ‘intellect’.

Service before Self

The best thing about life

Cost of your peace of mind

Super power of Creation

Reap what you SOW but sometimes even BETTER OR WORSE

We ALL are..

Be the Change

Movement is Life

Action and Reaction

Karma and the Spark of Life

Difficult Times

What mind should create…

Rights of anyone seeking mental health advice…


Job and Anxiety

A loaf of bread and Karma

Just one breath away…

To err is Human, to forgive “Divine” and to be human is to err!

Work, money and “being human”!

Instead of praying… HELP!

Chaos and Rebellion

Live responsibly 

Accidents CAN be avoided…

Keep moving on…

Two options – “Live and Die” OR “Die and Die”



The ‘enemy’ of Man

Karma is Destiny and Destiny is Karma

Universe… is not God

Broken things – New Things

Turn your cellphone into a landline

Specially abled kids also have a RIGHT to live

Known God(Science) and Unknown God

Free free free

Food vs Money

Reap what you Sow

IMMENSE appreciation for life

If trees didn’t have roots

The power of consent

Birth and Death

Aren’t all families perfect?

Not a particle can stop changing…

Prayers are not mandatory… Harmony is essential…

Victory of Good over Evil…

The body

Humanity = Human Unity = God’s Love

Everchanging creators of change

Sickness as a blessing

Depression can be cured

What’s more important than God

God’s Digital World

Giving Ourselves Fully

Invaluable Blessings

The greatest Bond

Empty Handed

Outdated Education Systems

If we had worked it out…

Everything’s spinning – The cycle has to go on…

Matter Antimatter

List of unsolved problems in Physics

The Universe and Beyond…

A poem about India

We are all kids

Becoming Rich!

One Best Friend

Why does everyone get separated?

Heaven!… is on Earth!

Strange Things

The One

Why ? Well…just differently abled!

A seed

Need vs Greed

Let’s all thank our mother

Wishes for the World

How are kids so optimistic?

Nothing like sacrifice



Some people and moments stay

Mind does not believe

Special firsts



Work is a gift

Power of the mind


Protect children


Stay at home dads

Recycle Recycle Recycle

God’s impressions



Forgive, forget…move on

A world of equals

Feel safe




Mind, Body, heart and pain

People who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind

Personal, Professional, Social


Unconditional Love

Published my first ebook

Faces in the morning

Dreams in my pocket

Who needs critics

Rise above Stress

I am…

No rules in life…

No one’s inferior, No one’s Superior

Good morning


Do you manage time or does time manage you?

The noise in our lives

Do it…

For Once…

Tick tock…tick tock

Create Magic

Life gets busy…people get busier..

Guess the tone…Is ‘that’ how you do it?

God likes comedy

Identify your dream


The World

Believing you are busy and actually being busy


Build new relationships…do not break existing ones


Fill yourself with love

Too late


Memories and distance

One journey ends…and another begins

Blessings of Elders

Testing times

Career or Success?

Rediscover yourself everytime you’re lost

How I said it, how you heard it

Each day

Maturity of mind…maturity of soul

Destiny… Things not in our control

Hey… how are you?

If you don’t get what you want…


Pamper yourself…you’re worth it


Silent moments with myself

Growing Old and Growing Up

Don’t procrastinate…Contemplate

Deal with pain(Asap)


Life..there’s always something left to do

Common good..

You’ve lost it


Rush…traffic jam

See through mirror


A better plan


Health is more than wealth

Little moments of life

Ego…stops you from growing

Quality of Life


Follow your passion

Do a little good, you’re good…Do a lot of good, you’re foolish! 🙂

A beautiful sunset

© Preeti Tikia 2020

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