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Strength of the human mind.

The strength of the human mind is immense. It’s amazing how many time people pull us down but yet we manage to get up, stand up on our feet and fight back again.

The world is full of good and bad people, some of them being very mean to us at times. Undoubtedly, there are people who help us out and save us from drowning but at the same time, there are some people who will throw you under the bus for no reason.

Our strength lies in regaining our morale, our spirits and our enthusiasm and standing up again, no matter how bad the situation is.

Our strength lies in rediscovering our own abilities each time and not giving up.

Our strength lies in listening to our soul, our ethics, our passions to just keep moving along.

Because our fate, our struggles, our battles are not defined by others but only by us and our minds.

No one can estimate how much inner strength we have. It is for us to realize and reclaim.

Each time when people stop believing in us, it becomes our innate responsibility and power to continue to believe in ourselves. We have to tell ourselves that “We shall overcome it and this too shall pass.”

Believe in yourself, even when NO ONE believes in you. Trust your inner strength to fight back again and rise on your feet. Give yourself the freedom, the wisdom and the confidence that you still can face a lot in life and you’re not done yet. That you will not be done until your last breath and you will continue to fight and continue to create miracles in your life along the way.

Promise yourself that you will continue to prosper and flourish in spite of tough circumstances. That you will regain your strength from the inner hidden powers of your mind and re-energize yourself to perform.

When a little baby bird opens its wings at the edge of the cliff, it has to overcome the fears in its mind and just take that first leap of faith and learn to fly. You will also come across many cliffs, many barriers and many walls in life but as long as you are alive, you have to continue to thrive.

Many people will say to you that “I don’t think you can do this. You’re not capable enough. You don’t have the ability to do this”. That’s when you have to speak inside your mind and tell it that no matter what others say, it is YOU who will define your success and your triumphs. It is YOU who will define what’s best for you and no matter what people say, if you BELIEVE, then you CAN DO whatever you wish to do.

So, buckle up that seatbelt and be ready to embark on the journey towards your freedom, your success and your happiness. Start by taking one step and just keep walking. You’ll get there…. TRUST ME… YOU WILL!!

You live once. Follow your passion.

Very few of us get to follow our passion in our lives. Most of us get so engulfed in jobs, family responsibilities and other things that we hardly get time to think about our own selves. Money becomes a need and it becomes difficult to rise above monetary needs. After that, no matter how much you earn, it’s never enough. The needs just keep multiplying and multiplying.

People keep hoping that one day, “I will have enough and then I will follow my passion” but that day never comes.

Let me tell you one thing. You have one life, so follow your passion. Follow what’s important to your life. Follow what adds meaning to your life, follow what gives you a purpose.

There will be situations where your passion may give you money and there will be situations where your passion will not give you money. If it’s the first case, it’s good. But if it’s the second case, do a job for a living but TAKE OUT TIME for your passion.

If you don’t do things for yourself today, you will never have time to do it. Today is the day. Today is the right time and today is the only time.

People will stop you, criticize you, blame you, scare you and give you all kinds of feedback to stop you but still, BUT STILL, follow what you dream of.

Keep dreaming, keep hoping, keep trying, keep planning and take one step at a time. Every day. Each day.

In one of my articles, I wrote, start with one step, go to one event, start with one article. JUST START.

Break the walls that people build in your way. Keep marching ahead.

You have one life. One passion. Do your best. This life is for you. Only you.

All the best!


Children are the future of this world. Every child is like a plant that should be nourished, nurtured and grown to its full potential. Even though we are living in a fast-paced world, many children are being left behind. They don’t have proper nutrition, facilities, education and opportunities to grow and flourish. Today. we have built tall skyscrapers but we have forgotten the needs of our children in many parts of the world. There is a need to bring the best support system, the best amenities and the best upbringing to children in all parts of the world.

It all starts with the basics. Children need health, clothing, shelter and food and unless we can provide these to every child in the world, we cannot call ourselves a developed generation. This needs the collaboration of major organizations in all parts of the world. It also needs the utmost care, support and dedication of educational institutions.

Where we are not able to fulfill the needs of normal children, think about the children with special needs. They may be so vulnerable that they may not be able to speak for themselves. Children are the foundation of our society. If we do not meet their needs, we can not expect to have a bright future.

It should be a human right to provide basic amenities to every child on our planet, no matter where they are and what condition they’re in. Organizations should not boast of economic growth but rather human upliftment, because that is the need of the hour.

There should be enough playgrounds for all kids including kids with special needs. There should be roads where kids can bike or walk safely. There should also be schools that give free education.

Organizations should collaborate to build products where every child in the world is accounted for and given the same basic privileges as any other child in the world.

We need to build products that track vaccination records, malnutrition rates, children safety, education levels, growth opportunities, birth and death rates, health charts, means of transportation available, after care services and other facilities as well.

Every child does not come with his/her own destiny. That destiny needs to be built and replenished all their lives.

We need to build a society that encourages children, loves them and supports them and does not hurt them in any way. We need to build a world that is accepting of all children’s needs.

We need to create a world where no child suffers. We need to combat slavery, child labor, child marriages and other inacceptable activities happening against children.

We need to stand together…. One for all and all for one for our children and the future generation.

I can go on, on this topic because it is very close to my heart but the gist is that “We all need to do a lot more than we are doing today, in order to improve the lives of children on this planet. WE ALL NEED TO ACT NOW.”

Our life is a gift.

Our life…. our body…. our abilities…. are a gift to us….and believe it or not… It is the greatest and most priceless gift that we have. No matter how much money or wealth we accumulate, it can never replace the value of our body and our mind.

We realize this many times in our life, especially when we are sick or not feeling well. When something happens to our eyes, our voice or any other health condition bothers us, that’s when we realize that “Oh my god, my eyes are so precious”…. Or “I just hope I get my health back”.

Why is it that when we are healthy, we tend to forget this and not take care of our bodies? We take our health for granted and tend to eat junk food or other unhealthy stuff.

It is THE most valuable lesson of life that THE MOST PRECIOUS THING we can ever have and afford is already with us. (Our body and our mind)

No matter how many castles we build outside, if something happens inside, then the world outside seems worthless and like a burden.

Take care of yourselves. Take care of your minds and your bodies. Give back to society as much as you can and try to learn as much as you can.


Remember how if even an eye lash falls into the eye, it can really irritate the eye. That’s the power a small thing can have on our body. So, please take care. Do not indulge in food that is not healthy for you.

Do not strain your eyes….

Care a lot for your time on this planet earth…..

We are here to DO something worthwhile. Our bodies start doing something or the other the moment we are born. We are just enablers of CHANGE and KARMA. We should all have a purpose, a meaning in life.

WE ARE A PART OF THIS UNIVERSE fulfilling its purpose of EXISTENCE. We have to respect our responsibilities and do them well.

When we fall sick or suffer, we suddenly realize how important our bodies are. But, when we are healthy, we tend to forget it. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET ABOUT YOUR HEALTH, even while you are healthy.

Eat as you need, not as per your greed.

Drink water.



Spread kindness.

Make a difference.

Take care of the most precious possession that you have – Your body and your mind!

Lead a good life! Good luck!


I read a very nice quote today. See image below:

It is such a simple yet powerful message. It says, where ever you want to go or need to go, just START today. Start with a small step in that direction. Start by doing one small deed that takes you towards your success and then repeat again tomorrow.

Many of us fail to start and that is where the barrier lies. Our mind wants to jump to the finish line or the conclusion. Our mind wants us to be immensely successful in one go. But we have to understand that success is made up of many small baby steps. (One step at a time!)

Whatever your passion is, whatever your goal is, start by taking that initial step. That one step. Even if it leads you to nothing, even if it makes you fail. Take that step and try again the next day.

Write one paragraph. Take one walk. Attend one event and do it again tomorrow!

JUST START…. We’ll see what happens!! Leave the rest to your future or destiny.

Whatever is in store for you, you will get it eventually.

You just got to take that one step towards success.

When I started this blog, I had no idea for how long I would be able to do it. Today, I look back at around 150 articles that I have written and it makes me feel good. It makes me feel like I was able to put my thoughts on paper and share with others.

Some people take many different directions in their lives…. they change careers many times. Some people stick to one career all their life. No one is right and no one is wrong! It’s all ok.

Everyone makes mistakes along the way. Everyone learns.

What’s most important is that they started somewhere, they took that first initial step.

So, don’t delay anymore, the time is perfect, right now.

Go follow your passion and do what you like!! Without worrying about what will happen next!


This life is for you to live your way…. do the best you can.

Just START…. Good luck!!


Linkedin is full of negative news these days about layoffs. People are disappointed and feeling helpless. At the same time, there is also negativity in the news and many other social media channels.

All of us are going through something or the other. It’s not just me or you but everyone reading this post.

But just think about it, “Life doesn’t come with guarantees!”... When you were born, did anyone promise you that you will have a fulfilling life and a wonderful job and long healthy life and no problems at all….

No one promised us that…. Then WHY SHOULD WE CRY when we lose something?

No one promised us that we will live until today but we are living…. no one promised us that we will have all the luxuries that we want and no hardships….but we have both….. few luxuries and few hardships…



Just like the good things are not guaranteed…. the bad things also don’t last forever….

TIMES WILL CHANGE…. Ripples will come…. Waves of time will wash everything away and again the whole world will start afresh…

We are having a negative time right now…. but there will be a time when economy will thrive and prosper….

DON’T LOSE HOPE….. Focus on the positive side of things…. The GLASS HALF FULL… and not EMPTY…..



BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS DO….. and that is a guarantee….!!

Be proud of yourself in every situation and live the life you deserve…..!! Just go for it and NEVER GIVE UP!!!