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Nothing belongs to us!

Nothing belongs to us….absolutely nothing…. from the tip of a needle to the vast gigantic oceans, from the microorganisms to the largest species available on the planet, from the captivating sunsets to the destructive volcanoes… from our first heart beat to our last heart beat….from our loved ones to those we envy…. NOTHING belongs to us. Everything in this world…. belongs to that gigantic, enormous superpower that is running the universe…. whom we call God, the creator or by many other names.

Everything came from the earth and in the earth it will perish.

YET… we feel that “This is ours….that is ours…”… ” Success is mine or the belongings are mine”…. The main problem in this world is the problem of the word “MINE”.

Right since childhood, we are taught, these things are yours and then when we lose them, we cry. When we lose our loved ones, we cry, because we are attached to them. But the fact of the matter is that every emotion that we feel is also not ours.

Everything that happens inside of us is also not ours. Our feelings are also not our feelings. They also are given by this superpower called God, who doesn’t appear in front of us but just makes us feel his presence, through times of trials and tribulations and memories and prayers and wishes and hopes and feelings and love and envy and even jealousy.

Why do we cry when we lose someone? We should accept the fact that that thing or person was never ours to begin with. But our heart drives us towards their memories.

The whole game of life is between the brain and the heart, pulling us in different directions, all the time.

In Hinduism they say, “Aatma” (Spirit) and “Parmatma”, (God) or “Jadh” (Which exists) and Chetan (Which you feel) and that’s why the famous hindu Gods Radha and Krishna are considered to be one. (Body, Soul and consciousness)

Nothing belongs to us…. YET….. we continue to say “It was mine!”….YET we continue to say… “It was mine…. “

Reading books as journeys!

Today, as I was reading a book, I realized that some of the thoughts mentioned in the book were positive and some were negative. It was like a journey….with ups and downs. There are statements that make you feel, the author had a great time and there are other statements that make you feel that the author had a rough phase.

Isn’t our life like a book too? If someone were to read the book of your life, he/she would see so many ups or downs…right? There were times when you did really well and there were other times when you stumbled, fell, stood up and walked again!

When you read a book, it takes you through so many emotions, so many realizations.

As you read your next book, try to analyze which statement is a positive statement and which is not so positive. The book will take you through winding roads and trails in your mind and you will form connections with the words inscribed in the book.

Each book has a start and an end, so does life. Each book has positives and negatives, so does life.

Each book is an aggregation of several people’s efforts, and so is life. The people that you meet and the connections that you form, give life its meaning.

Maybe that’s why books are not just lifeless pages, but stories full of life.

As you read the next book, analyze what the author must have gone through while writing each statement. What could have his/her journey been like?

You will come across an absolutely new horizon in terms of reading, a place where no thought is completely right or completely wrong. Each emotion is followed by an absolutely different emotion itself and no book’s journey can be entirely same as yours because you are a BOOK in yourself!!

Try to write the story of your life….even if it’s one page, 3 pages or 100 pages…. Ask someone to read it and they will weave through it their own stories of life. Each facet of your story can lead the reader to many many new stories.

And again, the reality still remains unknown. Because, that is the beauty of life! No one knows what truly happened in someone’s journey.

Each book is a mystery. Each life is a mystery!

Happy reading!!

Understand and be compassionate

Everyone in this world is trying to understand life. We all are trying to make sense out of the adventures, mysteries and the challenges that life presents to us. Besides trying to understand our own lives, we are also trying to understand others’ lives. (Sometimes out of curiosity, sometimes to help, and sometimes for no specific reason!)

However, with the constantly moving force that life is, it is extremely difficult to comprehend it. People who don’t like you, suddenly become your friends and sometimes your life long friends, suddenly lose connection with you.

What is important to understand amongst all of these adventures is that we all are going through the same or similar challenges in life! Someone’s child is sick, someone’s dog is sick, someone’s parents are not doing well, someone’s parents are alone and old, someone has lost his/her parents, someone has financial struggles, someone has time struggles and so on and so forth….!

We all have something going on that is making us stronger….. more competent and more resilient in life….

What is important is to understand that we need to lend a listening ear, be compassionate and appreciate each other’s differences, similarities and struggles.

We all need to just accept that we will NEVER EVER know the real truth…. except for the fact that we tried to LEARN….

In hinduism, Lord Krishna pays a lot of respect and importance to FRIENDSHIP…. because it is one relation that you form outside of your family and still can last for a lifetime!!

We all need to be friends to each other in times of trials and tribulations and give each other compassion and strength to keep moving on.

Because what keeps moving on is LIFE and what stops forever is DEAD….

We all need to appreciate each other, accept the changes we are going through and understand as much as we can.


May you understand life better than yesterday and may you have fulfilling friendships and relationships!! God bless you!!

What are we doing for our children?

Children ….Who fill us with so much love that we ourselves forget all our worries…

Children… Who don’t ask for castles or diamonds but just pure, genuine love.

Children… Who are so innocent that they will imitate your behavior no matter good or bad.

Today, I want to ask the society that what are we doing for our children and the future generation?

Does creating social media posts about travel and fun moments improve our children’s lives? Does creating social media buzz about our careers improve our children’s lives? Does clicking their pictures and posting them everywhere improve their lives?
No…. Their lives will improve when we value and cherish them and more importantly…. SPEND TIME WITH THEM…. Love them… not get angry at them.

Their lives will improve if we create a better world for them… a safer world… a world that is free from all biases…. That accepts children as children…

Their lives will improve if we create a world with lesser diseases and better healthcare , better education… better infrastructure.

What kind of world are we leaving for our kids…. A world that is full of phones and gadgets…?? Will that make them better people.

Shouldn’t we all, as established career oriented people, leave a better and brighter and more importantly happier world for them.

Everything begins at home.

How many of you can promise to give 2-3 hours of undivided attention to your kids everyday? (No phones, no gadgets, just pure love and attention)

How many of you can promise not to get upset with them but rather have atleast one meaningful conversation with them each week!

How many of us can devote our entire lives to the wellbeing of children?

My daughter fell sick for a few days and it hurts my heart to see her sick. I am sure u all feel the same way when ur kids are sick.

Can we all try to spend good quality time with children everyday? Is it too hard?

I ask the question again, which is the title of this article. What are we doing for our children?

A Servant leader makes others successful

You all might have met so many types of leaders at your workplace and some of them you truly appreciate from the bottom of your heart. These leaders are the ones who have made you the person you are and have contributed to your success.

Success – a small seven letter word but it drives the world crazy! What does success mean to you? In simple terms I think that if your work gets done and you are able to achieve something, it makes you successful.

When I look back and think of people who have helped me grow and learn, the one term that comes to my mind is “Servant Leadership”. The leaders whom I respect the most are the ones who gave up their own ambitions to see others grow. They listened, they appreciated and they walked with me during the toughest times.

We all have to be servant leaders at one point or the other….sometimes to help our family, our kids and sometimes at work.

Making others successful means you are a PROVIDER, a NOURISHER, an ENCOURAGER and a self-sufficient person. You are not involved in ego struggles or any kind of race for appreciation. You are pretty content with who you are and what your journey has been like.

When you make others successful, you provide for their needs, without expecting anything in return.

You try to adjust yourself according to their whims and fancies, without complaining.

You respect the other people’s time and give them benefit of doubt even if it is at the expense of your own happiness.

You are a servant leader who needs no servants or followers because you consider yourself self sufficient. Instead, you become a FULFILLER of other people’s needs and requirements.

You are a servant leader when you like to see people grow, instead of getting jealous or envious of them.

You truly believe that making others successful will not diminish your success but rather increase it manifolds!

You strike the right balance between work, family, kids and all other priorities in life! When people sound anxious, negative or get worried, you just listen and accept them just the way they are and guide them in the positive direction.

It’s not easy to be a servant leader but it truly makes you a better person and a more grateful person in life!

You realize that your success is incomplete without other people’s success.

You make yourself available for others and just give them a higher priority than yourself.

I think all of this and a lot more makes a servant leader.

That is what I aspire to be…. Not fully there yet but trying my best….!

As they say, “Service before self!” – should be our motto in life!

May we all get the wisdom to serve everyone, the community and God!

Life happens inside our head!

Life is something that happens inside our heads! The outside circumstances maybe the same for some people, however what’s going on in their heads might be very different.

Next time, when you are sitting with your family members and watching TV together or just playing a game, notice how everyone reacts, how everyone feels and how everyone behaves…. their expressions and reactions…. they are so different! The outside surroundings are the same… people living in the same house… watching the same thing on TV… but each person’s feelings are different.

Now, let’s expand it to a bigger picture…. Just like people live in the same house, similarly, we all are living on the same planet… Mother earth. The outside is same for everyone. It’s what they create inside them that defines their life!!

Everyone creates different feelings at different times… so everyone’s life is different or RATHER… everyone’s perception of life is different…

The way I perceive life might be completely opposite from the way you or someone else perceives life!

Everyone is trying to be a part of this journey of life! It’s so fascinating that everyone wants to feel included and involved in the greater mission of making an impact before they leave this world…

Everyone wants to feel that their existence matters….

Life happens inside of us and ends inside of us…. but we get so engrossed in collecting outside things or artifacts that we forget that the real meaning of life is to be content and happy.

It’s important to be grateful for this beautiful journey!

Life is a gift…. Create beautiful emotions and memories if you can… That’s all that matters!!

Life is going to go away in a flash!!…. Enjoy while it lasts…

I also heard in one of the videos today, that when astronauts go into space… they feel a larger than life experience…. When they look at the earth…. conflicts don’t matter… boundaries don’t matter and they see the earth as one entity!!

I wish we all saw the earth as one entity while we are here….

Let only “good” life happen inside your head!

Everything has an impact on everything

There are two aspects to our existence – what we do and how we feel. What we do can be seen but how we feel is unseen. However, these two forces work in synergy with each other and each has an impact on the other.

For instance, what you do —- impacts how you feel and how you feel —- impacts what you do.

These are like intertwining forces and there is no way to separate them. Everything gets impacted by everything.

For instance, you buy a television and you feel you wanted a bigger one, then you go ahead and buy a bigger one. So, what you did in the beginning impacted your feelings and then the feelings impacted what you did the second time.

How beautiful and mesmerizing is this combination of feelings and actions. There are all kinds of religious scriptures in hinduism for example that may call it “Jadh” (The physical aspect) and “Chetan”. (The consciousness). I am sure other books and scriptures have other definitions as well.

I have been a science student, so I still feel we don’t know the real truths or beginning sources of life. However, I do gardening and when a seed germinates, it really fascinates me. It’s amazing how the physical being (the plant) magically gets life! (Consciousness)

Everything that you are seeing, hearing, feeling is having an impact on you and also you are having an impact on everything, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

These forces of life are so difficult to interpret that everyone’s minds put together can also not resolve these mysteries of life!

However, I feel that science, technology, logic and mathematics can reveal a lot of things in future as well. I am also a spiritual person and respect all the genuine efforts that go into making us better human beings, whether they are through meditation or other peaceful practices.

The fact that is really mesmerizing me today however is that there is so much impact in even one millisecond that it’s just not possible to truly interpret life which is made of so many milliseconds!

It’s important to respect all these forces of existence because somehow, they are able to sustain life on earth! Maybe it’s some kind of magic…. maybe it’s scientific…. I don’t know.

The beauty of earth is so amazing that each one of us should be forever grateful for this life!

May the forces of the universe lead all of us to positivity, peace, unity and continuation of this beautiful life!!

Here’s a beautiful image I found to reflect on this article:

To do more for society, enhance your personality!

All of us have something special in ourselves. Something that makes us unique and special. We all can do something for the society and all the people in general. But sometimes, we hesitate, we hold ourselves back, for no specific reason.

It could be, “I don’t have enough time to do these things.” or “What will people think of me?” or ” I don’t think I am good enough to help the society.”


We all have something that we can do for the society. We all can take out some time out of our schedules and help the society.

Go to your local library or the schools or even old age homes or look for volunteer organizations serving in your community.

Before you do any of that, give up all BIASES and inhibitions that you have. BELIEVE that you are good, you are smart and what ever help you do for the society will be worth it. It will be appreciated.

If you are a shy person, give up your shyness. If you like to stay by yourselves, try meeting people from different backgrounds. If you don’t talk much, try to talk.

Try to UNLEARN whatever you have learned every single day. Just forget about yesterday. TODAY is a new day.

When you bring out the best in your personality…. it will be the gift that you give to OTHERS!!

Your smile… your happiness… your charisma… your positivity…. The WORLD needs it!!

Go out and live a life where people will smile more with you…. laugh with you and give your complete self to the world in general.

There are so many things we learn through networking with people…. We just have to give them our best selves!!

Just bring out the best in yourself and GIVE IT OUT!!!

Change your personality everyday… in a positive way…. Learn more…!! and more…. and more…..!!! and just keep sharing what you learn….!!

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Tests of values

I heard something yesterday and was wondering how true is it? It said, “Every small act that you do is a reflection of your values and not necessarily an exertion of control”. I also saw a video about locus of control, ie. how some of us have an internal locus of control and take responsibility for our actions, successes and failures, while others have an external locus of control and tend to blame their failures on others or on fate.

Aren’t all these things pretty questionable? Most of us try to have good values like respect, honesty, trust and so on, but still do all our actions reflect those values at all times and if not then why?? What sometimes drives us towards actions that are not necessarily in sync with our values.

I think the only answer to this question is the evolving mind! Our minds are continuously evolving and even though our values may be constant but there are ripple effects ie. sometimes unknowingly or unintentionally we tend to move away from our values and at other times, we stick to them. The reason probably is growth.

Everyone wants to grow and everyone wants a lot of good things in life. If we don’t create these ripples of thoughts and actions, our life will be like standing water. These ripple effects create waves or motion and that circulates energy. That is why, we need to understand these ripples and in spite of them happening, constantly try to remain in sync with our values.

Values like being nice to people no matter what, values like being responsible and hard working, values like being selflessly devoted to God and the world. Values like giving your best self at all times…

I know it can be hard sometimes to stick to these values with everyone at all times but those are the tests we need to undergo. Tests of values!

Are u nice to people even when they are rude to u? Are u patient with kids? Do u lend a listening ear to everyone? Do u respect everyone no matter what stature or title they have?

and most importantly, do u do this at all times?

If not, then do u reflect on your own behavior sometimes and try to improve it, each minute, each day, everyday?

There can be a question now that – Why should we stick to our values at all times? Won’t that create standing water?

Well, imagine each ripple of thought in your mind and imagine it having a center from where it starts. That center is the value.

If we create ripples with good values, good actions will be inculcated. If we create ripples with bad values, bad actions will be inculcated.

Hence, it is truly important to constantly try and pass the test of values and be nice to everyone, no matter what. It’s hard but with patience, it is possible. 🙏

Let’s all try to create positive ripples in life and stick to the positive values, as much as we can!

Good luck to me and to you as we continue these tests in life! 😊


Every person has a different journey – different struggles, different milestones, different successes and different failures. Nobody can understand clearly another person’s life journey, no matter how hard they try. However, what’s really important is to empathize and appreciate that everyone, all of us, have been through tough times. Many people tend to complain that their journey was harder than others, they tend to give up and not have the will to try again. However, it’s extremely important or rather crucial to keep trying no matter what circumstances you face in life.

It’s important to believe in a future, in a life that will be close to perfect. It’s important to be thankful and positive at the same time. It’s important to believe in the power of light! Even if you are lost in the dark, you have to believe in the power of light!

No matter how many religious or spiritual books you read, you will always find one thing common, “Believe in yourself and do your karma”. Believe that you still have a lot to give to this world. Believe that you are unique, special and god’s hand is always on your head. There must be a reason why each one of us is inherently unique and that is because we all have some unique talents, a little something that makes us special, powerful and strong. It maybe music, art, craft or writing 🙂

Just let that light shine bright! I remember when I was a kid, I learned a song, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna make it shine”.

And I also believe in the quote from the Bhagavad Gita,

“Karmanye Vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana, Ma Karma Phala Hetur, Bhur Ma Te Sango Stv Akarmani”

Which means, “You have every right to work, but not expecting the fruits out of it. Let the focus be not on the fruits and never be inactive.”