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My name is Preeti Tikia. I live in USA with my husband and my little daughter. I wanted to start a blog because… Writing gives me a lot of peace! I feel happy when I am able to put my thoughts into words and share them with others. I cherish each moment of life and feel it’s very important to see the bigger picture. It’s important to change and grow. A lot of times, we worry so much about the daily chores that we forget how big and beautiful life is!

“Life is beautiful!….. It has emotions, drama, mystery, fun, excitement, horror, tensions, confusions, love, hatred, hope, joy, fear, surprises, tears….but it’s not forever. It’s like a movie. A temporary thing. Live it your best way….It’s a beautiful life.”

By writing this blog, I am growing and learning. I am sharing what I believe in. It’s an attempt to understand the complexities of life and also talk about its little wonders and idiosyncrasies!

You are welcome to leave comments and share your opinion on how you live your beautiful life, in your unique way!



Disclaimer: All views on this blog are purely my personal views and are not reflective of the views of any other person living or dead. I believe that no content on my blog is plagiarized and none of it violates any copyright laws.I request my blog readers to bring to my notice if they do find infringement of the above mentioned rules. Immediate action will be taken accordingly.

My first ebook on Amazon.com – http://amzn.to/19ciQHv

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All content is protected by Copyright laws and should not be re-used without the permission of the author. (Preeti Tikia) Any sharing of the post on social media must mention its original source of origin and publication. (sunsetmeandyou.wordpress.com, Author: Preeti Tikia)

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