For a long time I have been thinking where God is, what it looks like and how can we see or feel him…

Almost everyone has an opinion about God but very few have actually tried to know him closely.

It’s a power that cannot be described in words, cannot be seen with a naked eye but it’s there…

It’s a universal force that is invisible yet cannot be ignored.

It’s the empty space between what we see and what we feel.

Our bodies are gifts to us for living this life… for seeing, hearing and feeling the sounds of nature… the realities of life and also our emotions deep down inside.

We use our bodies every single moment and yet do not take care of it.

When a kid is born and arrives in this world, he/she immediately starts using his body to feel the world around him/her.

The entire world is like a playground for him to see, hear and feel thousands of sounds, images, objects…

It’s amazing that everyone sees different things in the same surroundings at the same time. For instance, when 3 people are sitting in a car and going on a road, they all have different observations of their surroundings. Some focus on the road, some on the trees and some on something else.

Everyone thinks differently…. everyone’s future is different… everyone’s destiny is different. Everyone walks into the future differently…

The future is unknown to all of us… yet everyone wants to go to the future…and see what’s there.

The power that triggers thoughts in our mind and makes us think about what to do next or what we have done in the past is just a small part of God.

Who feels what, when, where, with whom…. No one known until it actually happens.

Will we change our surroundings or will the surroundings change us…. we don’t know…. but change will happen.

The entire cosmos can make us think differently each minute and based on that we can change our surroundings…

This invisible force that drives everyone towards the future in God…

The force that is changing our inner selves, our outer bodies as well as the world is God.

Imagine if there was just one kid on this earth and no there human beings…. That one kid would be influenced by the entire earth and he can also change/influence his surroundings and his inner self, based on his abilities…
Now imagine millions of such human beings who are getting influenced by their surroundings in an unknown way and changing the surroundings to the best of their abilities…

Such a magnanimous force is driving change in this universe. Can that change be anything else except God?

The invisible force that makes us think and do things…. the force that makes everyone get influenced by their surroundings differently…. see things differently… feel things differently…

The invisible force that makes every one of us unique in some way or the other…

That force is God…. It’s in the air, it’s in the ocean… it’s in the universe… Where ever there is a possibility of change…. there is God.

That’s my interpretation…. that’s what I have learned so far… I am sure there is lots more to learn….








Mind, Body, Heart and Pain….


It’s amazing how our mind, body and heart pull us in different directions….

Our heart feels the pain but our mind asks us to move on…. Our body feels the pain but the mind says, I don’t feel anything….

When I go for my physiotherapy sessions , I notice how different people are suffering from various pains. Some aren’t able to move their arm all the way, some can’t move their neck…but that’s not the main point…… The main point is that when the instructor asks them “Do you feel a pain at this point, this looks sore.” They say, “No, I don’t feel anything!”….

As we all neglect our bodies and don’t take care of our health, pain becomes an integral part of our life. It becomes difficult to disconnect the body from the pain. You know it’s there yet you don’t feel how much, how often and how to deal with it?

There is a hindi saying, “Pehle kaya, phir saya, phir maya”…which means ..”First body, second partner/family, third wealth.”….however only a small percentage of people follow this priority order.

The synchronization between mind, body and heart is so difficult to establish that our entire life can be spent in trying to achieve it.

I think there should be courses that teach people how  to maintain your internal thought balance, when your heart and mind pull you in different directions.

Meditation is probably a key to achieving this….

Can’t write more right now…. Stuff to do 🙂 …Will write more later!

People who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind….


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Every time I feel I’ve grown up and can now handle relationships better…. life presents some new lessons to learn and some new observations for me to take note of! (in an absolutely new way)

Long time ago I read that, “You can not be successful in life, unless you contribute to the society through your work”. Man is a social being. Even during the stone age, when trading started, you could only get some thing, if you exchanged it for some thing else in return.

Let’s consider a hawker or a vendor —– he tries to sell things to earn a living and to get some financial profit —- however, he is also indirectly benefiting others in the process – by fulfilling their needs.

Now consider a vendor who gets up in the morning, opens his store and starts giving out everything for free.
Everyday he wakes up and does the same thing……He will soon go bankrupt.
And even then…. there is no guarantee that people will come back and help him. After all it was his own decision to give out things for free…

The vendor has to care for himself and his family to avoid getting bankrupt. He has to open his store, sell things at a profit, occasionally give out deals for free and earn a living…… In the process, he benefits others as well.

So, you can not benefit yourself without benefiting others AND you can not benefit others without benefiting yourself. It’s a two way relationship.

Now the question is…. whom do you serve for free and whom do you serve for a price or a purpose? 

If you have only one shirt that you want to give away …..and you have two friends who need that shirt, whom would you choose?
U will have to choose one no matter what.

Does that make you less worthy in the eyes of the other friend? Does that mean the other person will no longer remain your friend?

And what if the friend to whom you gave the shirt, actually betrays you. Did giving him the shirt really make him stay….in spite of all you did for him? —- NO

People who want to stay – WILL stay….no matter whether you do something for them or not.

People who don’t want to stay – WILL not stay….no matter what so ever you do for them.

Count your friends…your blessings…the people who really care for u…in spite of the fact that you don’t do a whole lot for them. They are just by your side always.

These people wouldn’t mind the annoying things you do and would stick by your side. (Even if you do nothing for them)

People who mind… especially when you are unable to give them something in return….are probably with you for a purpose. And as soon as the purpose will be over, they will be gone…..forever.

People who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

Are you really valuing the people who matter and who are with you unconditionally?

Personal, Professional, Social


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There was a time when our personal lives were truly personal. We never declared to others whom we were meeting, what we were doing on an everyday basis, where we were going etc…. and then we had a professional life which was very formal and goal oriented…We were working to get money to fulfill the needs of the family….We also had a social life…where meeting others at social gatherings was not a necessity but a change from normal routine.


We do a lot of social meetings online or via social channels…
Our professional life seems to be incomplete without participating in social channels…
and our personal life is painted in various colors by others on social channels….(through likes, comments etc etc…)

Are we setting the right boundaries and limits for these three aspects of life?

Are we really in the need of getting constant affirmation from everyone about our interests and activities?

How do we cope up with the ever increasing demands of building a personal, professional and social brand?

Does it increase our productivity?

These are questions to ask ourselves…. No one should and can set these limits for us. We should define our life – and our personal boundaries…

How hard is it to spend a day without interacting on social media?

It’s not a bad thing to do…as long as your goals are not taking a back seat.

The world is very result-oriented. They look at ‘What has someone achieved?’ and not ‘How he achieved it?’… 

So, if someone can spend 20 hours on social media and still achieve milestones in life….he/she will be praised.

It’s for you to define the ‘time limits’, the ‘topics’ and the ‘friends and people’ in your life.

The day you can do that….you have overcome the pressures of social media and built your own very personal brand.~ That isolates?/identifies? you from the rest of the crowd.



Something beautiful I read….
“Trust is the core foundation of any relationship…. You can not make a building and mark the 3rd floor as trust. It is the core base, the root and basic foundation on which other floors are built. When you trust someone, you believe that they mean every word they say. You do not think that, “Oh, I’m sure he/she’s saying it but he/she means something else. You don’t need to judge someone to trust them. You have that ability from the first day you meet and it gets strengthened by trusting your own self.”


Unconditional Love


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Heard these beautiful words today :

“Unconditional love is very easy ~ When we believe that, the other person is not responsible for our state of mind ~ When we take responsibility for our own emotions and feelings ~ when we trust completely, forgive naturally and accept willingly. A soul at its core is full of love. It does not have any negative emotions like jealousy, hatred or fear.’

Faces in the morning…..


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When I go to work in the morning, I observe the people around me – some on the streets, some in their cars, some crossing the road.

 Invariably, I see sad/gloomy expressions on their faces. It is extremely depressing.

 I understand that everyone has stress, everyone has things to worry about, responsibilities to take care of, chores to complete but that doesn’t mean people become gloomy right in the morning.

I believe in the concept of ‘A happy morning’ – something that brightens your day – and infuses more energy in you for the rest of the day.
I believe you have the world to conquer only if you believe so.

So what,if your boss does not understand you, so what if your kids are moving out of the house, so what if you did not meet the deadline yesterday – Can you gather the strength to start the morning afresh – by believing in yourself and your abilities?

Can you do this not just for yourself but for everyone around you? So that you pass on good vibes.

There was only one guy I saw on the road this morning who was biking to office and smiling. I felt good.

Some positive things you can do in the morning include: 

  • Listen to music/not news.
  • Have a good breakfast – “no matter what.”
  • Read something positive – a quote – a story – a comic strip.
  • Look at the sunrise and believe in the new day.
  • Bike to work.
  • Don’t think about work right in the morning. You are anyways going to do it soon.
  • Think about something good you did the previous day.
  • Acknowledge one strength you have.
  • ****Think of something creative you are going to do today. (Outside of your work)****
  • Carry a smile.

Happiness and sadness are part of life. However, every morning, we have the opportunity to choose one of the two – it depends on you.

Choose happiness and peace. Spread it right in the morning. The world needs it. A lot. Gather the strength to start afresh – each day, everyday.

Dreams in my pocket!!


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I carry my dreams in my pocket,
And never let them go…

Just so nobody questions them,
I don’t let them show.

They are always in my pocket,
And whenever I get a chance,
I pull a dream and color it well,
To make it alive and dance.

My dreams rise like bubbles,
Once they are filled with life!
They fill me up with lots of love,
& there is no pain or strife.

I make sure I hang tight to them,
So they don’t disappear!
Dreams are pretty naughty,
You got to keep them near.

I also carry a notepad,
To write down my new dreams,
Life is short and dreams are not,
At least that’s how it seems!

I pat on…. my little dreams,
Every now and then,
And that’s how …they get bigger!
And stronger …from within!

I steal time …from everyday life,
and that’s how… I ensure,
that I live… for my own dreams,
Not anyone else’s for sure.

I make a face at others’ dreams,
When they are just…. sitting there,
With no one to… explore them,
And no one to… really care. :/

My dreams are a happy family,
They sing and dance and grow, 🙂
I love my dreams, they love me too,
Don’t know who loves the other more!

Who needs Critics??


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Who needs Critics? We all do….at some point in our lives.

When we become too confident of our abilities or when god wants to change our direction, or when we should be doing something better – In all these circumstances, we come across these special people called ‘critics’.

They may sound rude, unforgiving, harsh in the beginning, but there’s usually a lesson behind the words they say.
A critic’s voice holds deeper meaning than what it appears to contain.

A critic can help you look inside your soul and ask yourself – Do I really want to do what I am doing? Is this the right path for me? Why does it seem, that I am being pushed away from this path and being redirected towards a different goal? Is this a sign, an indication? Do I need to re-assess my abilities and my goals? Do I need to move on?

A critic can pull you down – but if you act like a spring – Greater the pressure with which you are pulled down, higher the force with which you will spring back to life!

Critics are essential to make us understand that there is still some scope for improvement. Critics do not lie and if they do, they are not critics.

Everytime I have met someone who has discouraged me, brought me down, pointed out my mistakes, I’ve felt bad for sometime, but later on…..I stood up, rose higher and convinced myself that this is not the end – there’s a lot more to come – including more criticisms.

I need critics. I need them to drive me away from what I am not good at….and force me to move towards the skills which I am good at!

I need to improve and although…. I did get hurt in the process, I think I’d still like to thank the people who were my true critics.

Thank you for being there. (Because of you, I am here – and not there! ) 🙂