Do a little good – You’re good… Do a lot of good – You’re foolish!

I was heading to office this morning in my car. A couple of cars were trying to get into the lane I was in. I stopped and gave way to them. Suddenly, a third car also came and asked for way. I waved and let it go ahead of me too…! However, the person behind me honked 🙂 …which meant that he was saying…”How many more cars will you give way to?”

It was funny how I felt ! I had a smile on my face thinking about everything. I was trying to be good and it was ok to some extent but when I tried to be too good to a few people, the other people got upset.

Lesson Learned: Measure how much good you do. Be good to all to some extent. But…dont be so good…that you forget yourself and others.

Be a little selfish – not for yourself but for people who are affected by you – Family, friends, relatives or the person in the car behind you! lol.. 🙂

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