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Pamper yourself… you’re worth it!

At least one weekend out of a few weekends, take a good break and pamper yourself. Just seclude yourself from the rest of the world and take care of your body and your thoughts.

Your body serves you throughout your life. How much time do you spend giving it the essential nutrients? When did you last sit next to a pool with a book in your hand or took a bubble bath? When did you lie down on a beach? When did you last look at the stars?

Once we develop a good relationship with ourselves and our mind, it responds to us better. If our body is happy and relaxed, we can feel our blood circulation. Every heart beat is more resonant and rhythmic. We understand our feelings and emotions better. We feel happy that we are alive.

Everyone needs such weekends to relax, calm down and live each breath.

No matter how wealthy you may be, if your mind and body are not happy, you are unhealthy!

I believe that once you have a stable job and are content with your career, it’s important to also focus on your health. The meaning, value, level and definition of contentment varies for different people but it is essential to be content at some point in life.

Because if you are not content… you will always be running behind something….and you will never get a chance to relish what you already have.

Pampering yourself is being content with yourself for that moment and being thankful for this life.

I read that when ever you are angry or upset, close your eyes and imagine still water… calm, clear and peaceful. Imagine that you’re sitting next to a lake and try to live that dream in your mind.

Life is too short and before you realize its worth… it just moves on…

Take out time…pamper yourself……love yourself….. You’re truly worth it!

Health is more important than wealth….

There is a famous english proverb: “Health is Wealth”. However, I now believe that “Health is more important than wealth”.
Its easier to regain “wealth” after losing it. However, it may not be so easy to regain back health.

How much importance do we give to health in our lives?
Do we tell little children how important health is right from the beginning? Do we make them understand?  Are there any special courses designed to explain the importance of health?

As an adult, I think I still don’t understand the importance of health at times, or fail to realize or “accept” it. I get tempted to eat chocolates, brownies, junk foods, although I know they may not be the healthiest foods.

It is important to consciously tell yourself what is healthy and what is not.Its not easy but its essential. I wish we all focused on health(physical and mental) and not wealth.

Imagine if parents told their kids that…
“Until the age of 25, you have to earn as much good health as you can.
From age 25-40 try to maintain good health levels…
From age 40-55 ensure that you take extra care…
Age 55 and after, try to remain as happy as you can…”
“Take out time to exercise throughout your life.”

Can “maintaining good health” become a culture? Would people start appreciating other people based on how healthy they are, and not how wealthy they are?

I wonder…..

It is important for every individual to bring the health discipline in his/her life.
Not next week, not tomorrow, but TODAY -> RIGHT NOW.