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Follow your Passion

Having a passion is one thing, but pursuing a passion is a much bigger thing. You pursue what you dream of. You pursue it because you believe in it. It’s something that drives you to do better. It can run in your blood vessels and increase your blood flow. It makes you nervous and it also makes you happy. All of us have passions. Some of us just fail to realize them. Nothing can stop us except we ourselves. Follow your passion. Run after it so hard that you just catch your dream in your hand. It will shine like a pearl, a miracle, a blessing in your hand.

…..You have to make time for your passion. You do not know where you will land. It may be no where or it may be somewhere. Stop worrying about failures. Stop worrying about what others may think. Do what you think is right for your dream.

Stumble, fall, get up, fall again, rise……but dont give up.