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Unconditional Love

Heard these beautiful words today :

“Unconditional love is very easy ~ When we believe that, the other person is not responsible for our state of mind ~ When we take responsibility for our own emotions and feelings ~ when we trust completely, forgive naturally and accept willingly. A soul at its core is full of love. It does not have any negative emotions like jealousy, hatred or fear.’

Fill yourself with love….!


In order to give out love, you need to fill your own self with love.

How do we fill ourselves with love? – By not having negative feelings about anything or anyone.

Is it that simple? – Yes, it is

Just like we need food and water to replenish our energy, we need good positive thoughts to replenish our heart and mind. We need to feel good about ourselves in order to make others feel good about themselves.

Filling ourselves with love requires courage – courage to ignore the things which do not hold any value in our life.

If you go to a party and someone comments about the way you look, the way you talk etc etc, it is up to you to take that negatively or neutrally.

It’s important to stay neutral and keep looking forward, in spite of any tough circumstances.

Filling yourself with love requires forgiveness, hope and dreams. In order to do this, you have to find simple pleasures of life and live them happily.

Everytime something disturbs you or makes you weak, it is important to take responsibility for that emotion and replace it with love.

Too much self love is also not good. If you are full of love, you need to share it with other people.

Give them compliments, help them in their chores, guide them to succeed, forgive them no matter what, accept them the way they are, be patient with them, try to read their emotions and minds, communicate with them, be open, wish well for everyone even if they are not good to you – Be thankful for being alive and make them feel happy to be alive.

Replenishment is the essence of love. Love likes to flow. It does not like to stay in one place and become stagnant. Its like water – pure, transparent, fluid.

Fill yourself with love each moment by doing what you like, doing what makes you love life – And encourage others to do what they are good at.

Live life lovingly.

Pamper yourself… you’re worth it!

At least one weekend out of a few weekends, take a good break and pamper yourself. Just seclude yourself from the rest of the world and take care of your body and your thoughts.

Your body serves you throughout your life. How much time do you spend giving it the essential nutrients? When did you last sit next to a pool with a book in your hand or took a bubble bath? When did you lie down on a beach? When did you last look at the stars?

Once we develop a good relationship with ourselves and our mind, it responds to us better. If our body is happy and relaxed, we can feel our blood circulation. Every heart beat is more resonant and rhythmic. We understand our feelings and emotions better. We feel happy that we are alive.

Everyone needs such weekends to relax, calm down and live each breath.

No matter how wealthy you may be, if your mind and body are not happy, you are unhealthy!

I believe that once you have a stable job and are content with your career, it’s important to also focus on your health. The meaning, value, level and definition of contentment varies for different people but it is essential to be content at some point in life.

Because if you are not content… you will always be running behind something….and you will never get a chance to relish what you already have.

Pampering yourself is being content with yourself for that moment and being thankful for this life.

I read that when ever you are angry or upset, close your eyes and imagine still water… calm, clear and peaceful. Imagine that you’re sitting next to a lake and try to live that dream in your mind.

Life is too short and before you realize its worth… it just moves on…

Take out time…pamper yourself……love yourself….. You’re truly worth it!

Deal with Pain (asap)

Pain in any form (physical or mental) is not good for our body and our life. It is important to deal with pain as soon as possible, but before that, it is even more important to recognize the pain in our lives.

If some activities, things or people have given us pain, they are bound to give us pain again. There are no ifs and buts to it. However, a lot of us expect things to change and believe that we can live with pain. That’s an incorrect notion.

I have also realized that pain if not controlled, always grows bigger. At no point, does it get smaller.

For example, many people ignore small things about their health. When those issues turn into big pain areas, that’s when they actually take action. If we deal with a problem when it is small, we can stop it from getting big.

Our body is the center of ‘our universe’. We hurt ourselves many times by letting other things hurt us.

Pain can be physical or mental. If someone puts us down or makes us feel, we are not capable enough, we are pained. If someone does not understand us or makes fun of us, that is pain too.

There was a little girl. When she used to go to school, people would always make fun of her. They criticized her habits and her way of thinking. She never responded back. She kept the pain inside her. When she grew big, one of her friends told her that: “When people make fun of you or hurt you, tell them politely that you are being hurt. Tell them in front of others so that they realize their mistake. Deal with the problem before it gets bigger.” She started doing so and her pain was reduced.

How many pain areas of our life are we not dealing with yet? Are we scared to accept and express our emotions? Are we wounded but trying to hide it. Confront your weaknesses and the people who make you feel weak.

Focus on your health and well being. Deal with pain asap and do not let it grow any bigger. Take out time for your mental and physical health. Do not overburden yourself with other things that you forget your own self.

Feel it. Express it. Relieve it. But do not live with it.