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A beautiful sunset….!

Peace, contentment, relaxation….these are the words that come to my mind, when I think of a sunset. Close your eyes and imagine the pink, orange, dark blue sky….its various shades…its various colors…. How beautifully it unfolds itself….how peacefully it tells us that the day has come to an end. Its time to relax and be content. We have done all that we could do today. Tomorrow will be another day…For now…enjoy the contentment. Birds fly back to their nests…just like we drive back home to our families… We work hard during the day….because we want to be content and happy. Its important to feel that way….its important to recharge yourself for another day. When the sun rises tomorrow, it will ask us to get up and get to work again.

….. When the ‘setting sun’ reflects on the water…. it loses its heat…its warmth….and becomes a part of crystal pure water….
As if …it wants to get absorbed in the water… its like a beautiful union….warm and cold…….mesmerizingly beautiful.

Why can’t the sun shine all the time… why does it set?

Why can’t we work all the time? … Why do we need rest, peace, contentment?

What happens when we don’t rest…when we are not content and happy at the end of the day?

What happens when we do not give up our ego, emotions, fears, discontentment, anxieties and …carry the heat from one day to another day? Can we notĀ dissolve ourselves….just like the sun dissolves itself in water?

Can we not be like the shining sun during the day and the moonlit water during the night?.