Rise above Stress.


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ImageStress drains you out…. It takes away all your positive energy and enthusiasm.
It makes you feel you are not loved….that no one is with you and you are left all by yourself to handle life’s struggles.

Stress makes you vulnerable.

Do you realize when you are stressed? What do you do to come out of it? Can you recognize your emotions, your body behavior when you are stressed? Do you just give into it?

When you recognize that you are stressed… keep away from other people ….because it is quite possible that you will let out your negative energy in the form of anger, anxiety or complaints.

Handle your stress – accept it. Think how can things be made better and ….if you are unable to think – just try to make yourself feel better. Don’t think too much.

Do something you like – all by yourself. Manage your energy levels. Refill yourself with love. Recharge your energies.

You give out what you have within. If you have stress, you give out stress. If you have love, you give out love.

Rise above stress. Rise above your weaknesses. Don’t let stress make you feel weak. Don’t let it overpower you.

You have the power to change your emotions, without complaints, without any disagreements. It comes with practice, like everything else in life.

Maintain one hobby that reduces your stress. Pursue it when ever you feel you are not giving out ‘happy energies’. It will refill you with love and those vibes will be reflected outside.

You are what you feel within. Rise above stress.


I am….

I am a writer.

I am a believer.

I am a thinker.

I am a philosopher.

I am a learner.

I am a teacher.

I am a preacher.

I am….

I am today.

I was yesterday.

I may not be tomorrow.

I am….

I am a soul…

I am a life…

I am a wife…

I am ….

I don’t need to be…

Because I am…

I am now.

Tomorrow when I am not…

What will matter is that I was…

What I am.

I was not someone else…

I was me.

I am me.

That’s all I want to be.

No rules in life.


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Life changes so very quickly. It does not give us enough time to think and plan the next step. People leave….plans change….priorities change….

All the people whom I knew in school are only profile images to me on social channels now. I don’t know much about them. All the people whom I met in college have moved on in life to new professions, new spheres of learning, new phases of life. 

When I look back ….I wonder, what did I learn from all the people who shared some moments of life with me. What were the lessons life taught me when they were around?

Some people have large social circles and channels. I wonder if they ever spend time analyzing or imagining what purpose the other people played in their lives? Do they even have time to do that?

There are no rules in life. If you want to spend your entire life meditating, you can. If you want to spend your entire life dreaming, you can. If you want to spend your entire life socializing, you can. If you want to spend your entire life studying, you can.

It’s what you want to do and not what others want you to do. Many of us change our priorities based on what others expect from us and in the end, all those people don’t even matter to us. Only a handful matter in life.

I changed myself for a lot of people. I changed my rules for a lot of people…..people who don’t even matter anymore.

People who know what they are doing, why they are doing what they are doing and where are they heading are most successful. But again, there are no defined rules for success.

If you think being healthy is success, you can be healthy. If you think being rich is success, you can be rich. If you think having fun is success, you can have fun. If you think, being famous is success, you can be famous.

So, the conclusion – we have no rules to life and no rules to success. Are there any rules at all then?

If you want to be rude, you can be rude. If you want to be polite, you can be polite.

You define the rules, you follow the rules and you bear the consequences.

Do you define your own life rules? Do you think you need any rules at all?

The rules you define – Define you.

You define your life. Define your life today.

No one’s inferior, no one’s superior

Principles that define my philosophy of life: 


  • Someone who spends his entire life ‘learning’ is more superior that a corrupt person with lots of money.
  • Someone who believes that there is always more to learn, is superior than someone who thinks he knows all.
  • Someone who believes in god or has a strong faith in something is more superior than a person who thinks he is god.
  • Someone who acts, behaves and perceives things knowing that, he could lose everything in one second, is more superior than a person who hoards things.
  • Someone who is not angered, is not jealous or selfish, or cunning – Someone who maintains the innocence of a child – is more superior than a person who takes advantage of others.
  • Someone who does not think whether he is superior or inferior and goes on with life thinking everyone is equal – is more superior than anyone who is judgmental.
  • Someone who has a purpose, a motive, an aim in life is more superior than a person who lives frivolously.
  • Someone who lives in the present, plans for the future and learns from the past is more learned and superior than someone who thinks it’s now or never.
  • Someone who accepts his weaknesses, grows over them and continues to discover himself is more superior than someone who is not connected with himself.
  • Someone who reads this article and analyzes himself and not others –  is more superior than someone who spends time in worthless comparisons.
  • No one’s inferior, no one’s superior – It’s all a perception – and someone who understands this reality – is more superior than any of the above mentioned people.

Good morning!

Everyday when I get up in the morning, I feel the need to do something different, something unusual, something that makes a difference.

I feel inspired, motivated and am raring to go. So, while the rest of the world sleeps, my mind starts weaving stories about my plans for the day and for the coming days.

There’s so much to learn in this world — with absolutely no limit to the wide variety of things we could learn!

For instance, why does a certain bird have specific type of feathers, how do flowers get their beautiful colors, how do children interpret and learn new things, how many species thrive in various lakes, rivers and oceans, how many languages are there in this world….By the way, I am not a biologist….
I am a computer engineer. But, does that limit me only to my own sphere of learning? I don’t think so.

This world can be made so much better with constructive thoughts and ideas — All it takes is the will and  desire to do something new each day!

I don’t criticize the people who lack this enthusiasm because maybe they have something special to offer to this world as well – just by being the way they are.

It’s a personal choice – a seeking for happiness, contentment and fulfillment.

Learning enriches my soul and empowers me to think better.

What makes me content is getting up early in the morning, penning down my thoughts and letting my creative energies flow….

The world needs more positive and creative energy….it needs more power, more agility, diversity, curiosity, humanity, dignity and anything great that ‘you’ can offer!

We all need more learning, seeking, sharing, inspiring, believing and perceiving.

What are you offering to this world today?

Good morning!


Communication….! Let’s talk sense and only sense.


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Communication – A crucial element for sharing information and expressing our feelings.

As I start this article, I don’t want it to get lost in the millions of communication related articles published on the web. I just want to get my ideas straight to you all.

When I communicate with someone, I hope for a connection, an understanding, a faith – some kind of benefit through information sharing. I hope that two people will grow intellectually or spiritually when they are communicating.

However, a lot of times, I have run into conversations that have no valuable purpose or meaning. In those weird conversations, all people try to do is impress each other or play power games.

When I was a kid, I used to impress my elders, teachers, fellow classmates. But, not anymore. It’s doesn’t matter as much. I am a more defined person now. All I know is, if someone is happy with the way I am, they will be happy anyway.

We have thousands of ways to communicate these days – email, phone, social networks and so on. But, how much valuable information do we really share? Are we trying to make sense through our words or just saying things to pass our time because we have nothing better to do.

I am a very straightforward person especially when it comes to work. I like to base my work decisions based on facts. Of course a lot of times, facts are not available and then the best judgement call needs to be taken.

I am amazed at how much time people spend just trying to win battles. If everything is based on facts, how can there be any room for doubt while communicating. Doubts arise when people do not share information or hide information intentionally. 

“Oh! I was planning to do it yesterday but I didn’t get to it.”
“I believe that is the right answer”
“I think we can do that but I am not 100% certain”

Replace the above sentences by:

“I did not complete it yet.”
“It seems like the right answer but I need more time/information to confirm”
“Let’s try that. Else, we can think of plan B”

We waste each other’s time by discussing vague scenarios, providing unclear answers, faking relationships, offering unwanted explanations, blaming things on each other and so on.

We are not perfect but we don’t need to be perfect. That’s not what was expected out of us when we were put on this earth.

We are fine just the way we are, as long as we say the truth. TRUTH – I wish this word had more value in today’s world. It’s getting lost amongst the new words, acronyms and definitions that today’s smart generation has created.

TRUTH hurts – but not as much as faking things or lying.

When I talk to someone, I feel I am taking away, some time from their life. Everyone has limited time. So, I have to either make the person feel better intellectually or spiritually. That’s my goal.

I don’t have to please them, but I have to empower them to please their own selves. For their own good.

I wish everyone in this world did something that made a difference – Wrote a book, discovered or invented something, left a mark in this world through his talent and skills. Everyone has some.

It all starts by communicating the right words at the right time for the right purpose. That’s the first skill a little baby learns. And when we die, it’s only our words and deeds that are remembered.

I hope I made some sense. 🙂


Do you manage time or does time manage you?


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I read a beautiful quote recently – “If you don’t take control of time, time will start taking control of you”.

The importance of this quote can not be elaborated in words, but it’s something that can be experienced by everyone.

For a long time, I was trying to manage my time well. It’s something I had been wanting to do.
I wanted to have time for my family, my work, my hobbies, my goals and my learning. I used many apps available on the latest gadgets (phone, laptop etc etc) but nothing was working too well.

I then googled an article one day, “how do CEOs manage their time!?” . Ofcourse, the main answer that popped up was, ‘They all have PAs (Personal Assistants)’ but I also learned about this new Android app – Wunderlist in one of the articles. I must tell you it’s a pretty cool app.

It lets you create to do lists, set reminders, due dates, sort the tasks and a lot more. 

As we grow, our to do lists also start growing and getting bigger. However, our minds process information in the same way – logically. Our brains were not created to store vast amounts of information, but to process information in real time.

Hence, the fact that we have 100 tasks on our list should not intimidate us. We have to do just one task at a time and be done with it. The important question is : “Which task should be done when?”

A lot of people do not like deadlines. They prefer working as per their own schedules. I am also not a big fan of strict deadlines, but I do like to set personal deadlines by giving me enough time to analyze and learn. And recently, with my time management app, I think I’ve gotten better at it.

I now like the feeling of checking off tasks from my to do list and what encouraged me to do so, was the reminders feature on my phone app. We tend to ignore or forget some minor tasks in life, but they keep popping every few weeks or in a few months. Setting reminders helped me not ignore those tasks and check them off sooner.

Life is beautiful and offers so much to learn. We can miss out on a lot of things, if we don’t manage our time well.

Analyze what works best for you – what makes you check off tasks from your To do list. These are personal preferences and choices. The main learning here is that we manage time and do not let time manage us.

And in between all this, don’t forget to enjoy!


The noise in our lives…..


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Today while coming back from work, I was thinking of all the noises we all have in our lives. When I reached home and prepared the evening tea, the thoughts still kept coming to my mind.

I almost felt like closing my ears. I felt better only when I went for a nice walk. The weather was really nice today.

I tried to define the noise in my life – and remembered all the people, things and actions that hold no relevance for me but I still pay attention to them sometimes. That’s right, I pay attention to noise! I think we all do to some extent.

Who said what? Why did he say that? What’s his/her intent? What is my friend’s friend doing on the weekend. Does this really matter?

Every technological development has a good side and a bad side. Social networking is one of them. It is a pretense that makes us feel we are more liked by others and we have a lot of friends. It also generates a whole lot of noise in our lives.

………..Think about the famous people who are no longer in this world – Michael Jackson, Mother Teresa and so on….why do we remember these people? We remember them because of their work – because of their contributions to this world, because of what they did, because of their focus, dedication, devotion……Not because of how many friends they had or how many followers they had or how many promotions they had or even how much money they had!!
We remember famous people because of their genuine contributions to this world – for many generations to come…..

The ratio of these people is very less. Most of us get stuck in the noises in our life and think that “That’s what life is”….

Well…nobody knows what exactly life is…..but Life is not forever.

We have a limited amount of time, to do something worthwhile, to make a difference, to spark someone’s inspiration, to be remembered and recognized by other people – To be valuable!

We don’t have forever. All we have is now.

It’s thus so very important to get rid of the noises, the people who don’t matter, the things that don’t matter and focus on what we are, who are are – without any pretense, any fake identities, any special efforts to prove that we are better than anyone else.

When the noise fades away, we get peace, satisfaction, self-love and a true identity. We believe in what we are – inspite of what others think about us.

If someone/something bothers you, it’s noise. Get rid of it.

Don’t choose noise. Choose peace, achievement, love and your true self.

Do It….


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ImageIt’s not about doing something once….
It’s about doing something consistently…
Even when no one believes in you…
Even if people make fun of you….
Even if you are hurt, shaken or lost…
Even if you don’t know where to go….
It’s just about moving on…..and on….

Determination is a hard thing….
But a much needed thing….
Without it…you are not what you are…
Because what you were yesterday….you may or may not be today….
It’s about being “who you are” over and over again…
Then people will recognize you…
Identify you…
Respect who you are.

Be consistent. Be determined. Be You.

Let the fire stay alive.

For Once……


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For Once, I want to live for myself….
For Once, I don’t want to answer anyone….
For Once, don’t expect anything from me….
For Once, let me… bask in the sun…
For Once, I don’t want any deadlines…
For Once, let me be …just on my own…
For Once, don’t give me any new tasks…
For Once, let me be… all… alone…
For Once, I want to ‘do what I want’….
For Once, I want to take control…
I want to just set myself free…
I want ‘to be’, what ‘I think’ is my goal…
I don’t want money, I don’t want fame…
But all I need is, some freedom to choose…
For once, I want to believe ‘all’ that can be…
For once, let me imagine, there is nothing to lose…..!

Just For once.