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A poem about India


A country where queen Sita was kept in exile,
‘coz her king made a promise to be kept on file,
A country where women are still finding their identity,
But it’s also a place of worship and serenity..

This country has scriptures (Vedas) that are thousands of years old,
But still in child marriages, girls are weighed against gold.

A country where there are many religions and languages,
But there are also many people who struggle on daily wages.

There’s corruption, there’s crime, but hardworking men too,
Rich and poor families, people like me and you!

It has a rich history spanning thousands of civilizations,
People celebrate and rejoice on colorful and festive occasions.

Smart people are abundant…recognized in math and science,
But many underprivileged children also, unfortunately we find…

Many kings and queens have reigned for decades,
…India has a partition story, that just never fades…

Some families are joint and some are nuclear,
Development in IT infrastructure is booming every year…

Financial divides rule the society,
But almost everyone prays to the almighty!

Foods and customs are abundant and rich,
But population growth still haunts like a witch…

Some eat with hand and some eat with spoon,
Wives pray for their husbands by looking at the moon!

Yes, it’s complicated to those who don’t belong…
Many things are right but some very wrong…

Behold!! It’s still thriving and growing every day…
India is a blessed country as MANY would say!



What makes me better? What makes me the best?
Am I any different from all the rest?
Who takes this decision? Who can judge us all?
How big is he?…or is he too small?
Encourage me so I can do better tomorrow
Every other comparison, fills me with sorrow
Let me do, what, I can do best
Why are you competing, this is not a test
today we may be good, but tomorrow’s yet to come
differences don’t matter, what matters is the sum
Jump into the ocean, swim against the flow
But we will remain “droplets”, where ever we go…


Prayers have the power to heal the soul
Prayers give strength, prayers give control
They make you believe in a future that’s bright
They tell you that… everything’s gonna be alright
They are the …beginning and they are the… end
They can be a person’s…”best friend”
They are sung through the heart… that’s where you feel
They take no pride… they make you kneel
Every place is perfect …to say a prayer
Choose your own language, anytime, any where
There are no special…words designed
You can even say it…within your mind
Keep yourself calm …as you hear…
the words of your heart… through the prayer
Pray when you can… if not always…
Say “thankyou” or “sorry” as you phrase…
Use simple words which are easy to understand…
Prayers do the magic, just like God planned…
Some people use big words in a prayer…
Every prayer is special, every style is fair…
Pray to connect… with your inner voice…
God will give you blessings along with poise…
Dont pray if you dont want to…god won’t say a thing
But when “he really asks” you, you “will have” to sing! 🙂

Rush ….Traffic Jam!

A beautiful sunset waits for me…
& I am stuck in a traffic jam..
I drive, I think, I stop, I think…
“The sun is setting & here I am…!”

The rush on the road takes me away..
From nature, from freedom, from all that exists..
& I just watch the busy road…
As it turns, as it twists…

Each mile, each hour, seems like a day…
songs in the background seem like noise…
Where is the twittering of the birds?
Where is my calm, Where is my poise?

Rush is the game, that they play
Rush for what, rush for whom?
“Rush” is the word, that they say…
Rush or you are heading for doom!

Rush or you’ll be left behind.
Rush until something you find…
Don’t relax or look around…
Don’t fly, stay on the ground!

…….”Dream” is what I want to live
Somewhere I know, is my paradise
It’s where…”All that I do is right”
That place has no hues or cries!

I need to go & catch that dream..
Else, it will…just fade away
The dream should be “my reality”!
One day, some day or “Just today”!

A better plan….

Give me a chance to be born again
This time my life won’t go in vain
I’ll do all that, I couldn’t do this time
I want to sing, an absolutely new rhyme
I want to believe, I can be a better soul
I can do more good, like never before
I can smile more often and cry a little less
I want to play other games, like tennis and chess
Its not too tough, I know I can
Please give me another life, I have a better plan….


People come….people go…
and sometimes…you don’t… even know….
Why they came…why they are gone…
Why life just goes on and on….
Why we have …unspoken words in our mind…
What is it that ..we are trying to find?
Could we have met, some other way?
What is it that you’re trying to say?
If not now, when is the right time?
Don’t repeat the same old rhyme….
Why people hurt, who gives them the right?
Why do they go out of sight?
Unclear answers, foggy life…
All we know is we are alive…
Silence plays a separation song…
Nothing’s right…nothing’s wrong.

Little Moments of Life….

Life is beautiful……
When a baby opens his eyes for the very first time…
When a little kid … sings a nursery rhyme….
When parents pack your lunch for school….
When having fun is the only rule….
When doing homework gets you good grades….
When stamps, stickers, chocolates are the trades….
When one day you hear a beautiful song….
When everything is right and nothing goes wrong….
When you go for many fun trips with friends….
When laughter never seems to end….
When you buy new clothes and flaunt them around….
When you lose something and suddenly it’s found….
When music plays in your ears all day….
When the sun rises and spreads its rays.…
When first day of college seems so cool.…
When you read a nice book, next to a pool…
When you take a drive in your new car….
When you make a wish on a shooting star….
When movies seem to connect with your life….
When you dream of your husband or wife….
When you fall… in and out… of love….
When you “believe” in the god above….
When you get hired for your very first job….
When you pay your bills and then you sob….
When the moonlit sky brings new dreams….
“Life is very pretty each moment”…it seems….
When you thank god for everything you got….
When you think “life really gave you a lot”….
Flocks of birds, pink blue sky….
I think of all above…. and wonder why….
Why do we have so many complaints?
Why negative thoughts ….arise in our brains…
Let’s live life…. With joy and grace…
Love this world…it is the best place.

Quality of Life!

Being a daughter, sister and wife
All I ask for is… Quality of Life
Peace and freedom, love and hope
Life’s trials with strength to cope
Beautiful moments of learning and fun
A world… that says…”We are one”
A decent career and food to survive
All I ask for is … Quality of Life
Who knows how long we are here?
How can we live with violence & fear…?
Towards “unity”, Can we not strive?
All I ask for is…Quality of Life.
Greed for money…Struggle for fame
…life is just a temporary game
Cherish each moment, until we are alive.
All I ask for is…Quality of Life. “