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Giving ourselves fully…

Do you know what’s the most significant form of respect you can ever receive in life? …. When someone comes up to you for help… or just to share something…… This means they consider you capable enough to help them…
In some way… destiny has sent them to YOU for help….

Do you know how you can give yourself fully to them?…. By LISTENING to them with your FULL attention…. By LOOKING at them straight into their eyes during a conversation… By talking to them… until THEY want to talk to you…. By helping them… in the best possible way you can…

You are not just giving them your attention… but your VISION, your HEARING, your WORDS… You are giving them a part of your life…. Some precious time from your life…

You are giving them a part of YOURSELF…. which is yours….

When you learn to give in this way everyday… then you actually stop SEEKING….

You heart is not then ASKING for attention but just GIVING it away….

The more you give… the less you seek…. and the less you need in life…!

Wouldn’t it be a RICH feeling if the whole world was kept in front of you on a platter and you felt… “You don’t need anything… because you actually HAVE everything”….

When you look at someone straight into their eyes…. they feel acknowledged…. they feel valued…

When you talk to someone until they need to speak to you… you give them assurance that you are there for them…. you show patience… and acceptance…

Isn’t acceptance what many of us are looking for? Aren’t these social networking sites…. giving assurance, acceptance and appreciation in the form of likes….

Why do people feel so happy when they see their post being liked or re posted? Because… the real joy is felt with everyone… and not alone…

The real joy is felt is GIVING… not RECEIVING….

Try this experiment… Next time when someone comes up to you…. Look at them straight into the EYES… TALK to them…. “LISTEN” to them with COMPLETE attention and then try to DO what ever best you can for them….

You will notice that your mind and body will STOP seeking… STOP searching…. STOP waiting…. and just start GIVING…. TO EVERYONE….

And when you start GIVING like this each moment of your life… You won’t feel scared when you have to give your entire self away…. When it’s time to go… You will feel like giving yourselves…. just the way you have given your entire life!

You can’t give someone your EYES… but you can give them your attention…
You can’t give someone your EARS… but you can LISTEN to them with open minds..
You can’t give someone your BODY… but sometimes… a simple hug is all that people need…
You can’t give someone your ENTIRE SELF… but sometimes your presence is all that matters…

May Lord give us all the strength to share… to give…. ourselves fully… Whenever someone needs us…

Maybe Lord has chosen us in some insignificant but special way…. to make a small difference in people’s lives…. Let’s make that difference….





Something beautiful I read….
“Trust is the core foundation of any relationship…. You can not make a building and mark the 3rd floor as trust. It is the core base, the root and basic foundation on which other floors are built. When you trust someone, you believe that they mean every word they say. You do not think that, “Oh, I’m sure he/she’s saying it but he/she means something else. You don’t need to judge someone to trust them. You have that ability from the first day you meet and it gets strengthened by trusting your own self.”


Fill yourself with love….!


In order to give out love, you need to fill your own self with love.

How do we fill ourselves with love? – By not having negative feelings about anything or anyone.

Is it that simple? – Yes, it is

Just like we need food and water to replenish our energy, we need good positive thoughts to replenish our heart and mind. We need to feel good about ourselves in order to make others feel good about themselves.

Filling ourselves with love requires courage – courage to ignore the things which do not hold any value in our life.

If you go to a party and someone comments about the way you look, the way you talk etc etc, it is up to you to take that negatively or neutrally.

It’s important to stay neutral and keep looking forward, in spite of any tough circumstances.

Filling yourself with love requires forgiveness, hope and dreams. In order to do this, you have to find simple pleasures of life and live them happily.

Everytime something disturbs you or makes you weak, it is important to take responsibility for that emotion and replace it with love.

Too much self love is also not good. If you are full of love, you need to share it with other people.

Give them compliments, help them in their chores, guide them to succeed, forgive them no matter what, accept them the way they are, be patient with them, try to read their emotions and minds, communicate with them, be open, wish well for everyone even if they are not good to you – Be thankful for being alive and make them feel happy to be alive.

Replenishment is the essence of love. Love likes to flow. It does not like to stay in one place and become stagnant. Its like water – pure, transparent, fluid.

Fill yourself with love each moment by doing what you like, doing what makes you love life – And encourage others to do what they are good at.

Live life lovingly.