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Do It….

ImageIt’s not about doing something once….
It’s about doing something consistently…
Even when no one believes in you…
Even if people make fun of you….
Even if you are hurt, shaken or lost…
Even if you don’t know where to go….
It’s just about moving on…..and on….

Determination is a hard thing….
But a much needed thing….
Without it…you are not what you are…
Because what you were yesterday….you may or may not be today….
It’s about being “who you are” over and over again…
Then people will recognize you…
Identify you…
Respect who you are.

Be consistent. Be determined. Be You.

Let the fire stay alive.

For Once……


For Once, I want to live for myself….
For Once, I don’t want to answer anyone….
For Once, don’t expect anything from me….
For Once, let me… bask in the sun…
For Once, I don’t want any deadlines…
For Once, let me be …just on my own…
For Once, don’t give me any new tasks…
For Once, let me be… all… alone…
For Once, I want to ‘do what I want’….
For Once, I want to take control…
I want to just set myself free…
I want ‘to be’, what ‘I think’ is my goal…
I don’t want money, I don’t want fame…
But all I need is, some freedom to choose…
For once, I want to believe ‘all’ that can be…
For once, let me imagine, there is nothing to lose…..!

Just For once.

Identify Your Dream…


Dreams are very shy creatures. They do not like to come out in the open unless they can turn into a reality. They get shattered by under-confidence, disbelief, discouragement, competition or failure.

Every person has a special dream that wants to become his reality. Only some people are able to identify their special dreams.

Imagine someone who is very shy to come up and talk to you, but nudges you every once in a while! Dreams are like that.

They are like babies. They are very delicate creatures and need a lot of pampering. A dream will stay in your thoughts as long as there is even little chance of it becoming a reality and sometimes even when there is no chance left.

It will hint at you many times. It might bring opportunities along with itself also!

Dreams with opportunities are like marriage proposals. If you can marry your dream while that opportunity is available, you can live happily forever and ever!

Your dream will make you feel that you cannot find solace or happiness in other things. It will possess your mind when there is silence all around you. If you do not let it grow, It will hide itself and might re-appear later.

Your dream will not stress you out. It will only give you small nudges throughout your life. If you are able to understand its hints and work on the dream, it will do miracles for you. If you do not understand what the dream is trying to say, your dream may not knock at your door again, and may stay hidden “in a corner” in your heart all your life.

Try to befriend your dream and make it feel comfortable in this world. Appreciate yourself for having that dream and try to explain why it can or can not be a reality. Tell your dream that “It can be a reality – Big or small, it doesn’t matter” . Let it live. Work with it. Work towards it.

Don’t be so hard on yourself and your dream. Do not blame yourself for dreaming that dream.

Example – If you want to be a rock star at Age of 50, and keep telling yourself that your dream cannot be fulfilled, it will be hard on your heart. Just lock yourself in your room and pretend to be a rock-star in front of the mirror! Live your dream just for a moment atleast, while you are breathing and alive!

Or just dream another dream. Be soft and gentle with these “shy” creatures.

Once a dream becomes a reality, it will shout it self out from the rooftops! You won’t have to do anything then. It will thrive!




Having a dream is one thing…. Turning the dream into a reality is another thing.
The distance between “a dream” and “a reality” is called focus.

We all get inspired by various things or people at different points in life. However, that fire of inspiration does not stay lit inside our hearts for too long.~ Keeping that fire alive requires patience, determination, perseverance, focus and a ‘never give up’ attitude.

Watching a popular singer on TV and wanting to be like him/her is easy. ~ Practicing singing for many years, each day- each night, through sickness and health, without giving up on it –  is difficult.

So many of us, lack the ‘will and focus’ to achieve our dreams. We tend to compromise, accept, adjust to situations, as long as they are fulfilling our basic needs.

Is it so difficult to keep oneself focused?

Why do we say, some people’s talents are God-gifted? And, even if they are, does that mean god will not give any more presents to anyone else throughout his/her life?!!? Is God running short of gifts/talents?

All the people who have been able to make a mark in this world, did not do it by a fluke. They worked hard for many long years ~ It’s said that “Luck favors those who help themselves”.

Imagine, if everyone in the world had the determination to rise to his full potential, wouldn’t we have many more inventions, discoveries, creations and innovations?

Creating something gives immense satisfaction. It provides a feeling of achievement and fulfillment ~ whether the creation is a piece of art or writing or poetry or technology, a story or even a movie!

The thing that stops us from focusing on something is ‘the fear of failure’. We are scared to fail even before we begin! That’s so true for so many of us!

Whoever can conquer that fear and constantly ‘focus’ on his goals, can turn his dream into a reality.
It may not necessarily bring him a lot of money, fame or success ~ but it will provide the satisfaction that his dream has actually turned into a reality – no matter how big or small.

It will be for real! ~ Forever!

Other people will also then respect that reality and appreciate it. The appreciation may or may not matter at that point, because what will matter will be your very own reality.

Dreams-> Focus -> Reality

Too Late!!

I read a quote today. Its image is posted below. It was tagged under ‘love quotes’, however I think its applicable to our entire life.


After reading it, I immediately thought, am I getting late at doing certain things? I also remembered one of my old posts, ‘Don’t procrastinate, Contemplate’. 

I recalled the folders I have created on my computer. I have four folders on my desktop titled Dream 1, Dream 2, Dream 3 and Dream 4. As I work on my dreams or collect the relevant material/information to make them come true, I place it in those folders.

One of those dreams has already come true! 🙂 The rest of them are a little tough, so I’m working on them. 😉

I know I keep repeating that, we need to enjoy every moment of life and make the most of it.

I am trying to approach the problem from a different angle today – From the eyes of people who say that their life is almost over and they have played their innings.

We all know that we have limited amount of time on this earth. We(including me!) still waste our time doing things which will hold no value for us ever.

Some of my relatives, friends, family – who are old now – say that their life is almost over. It makes me very sad, firstly because it makes me emotional and secondly because it makes me feel life is so transient. It’s a phase.

There is no guarantee about how long one is going to live and there is no point fearing it also. You fear the unknown but the fact that ‘life ends’ is known to everyone.

Knowing that life is precious encourages me to work harder on my dreams.

As long as you are alive, It’s never too late to work on your dreams and inspire others to work on theirs. Begin now.

Follow your Passion

Having a passion is one thing, but pursuing a passion is a much bigger thing. You pursue what you dream of. You pursue it because you believe in it. It’s something that drives you to do better. It can run in your blood vessels and increase your blood flow. It makes you nervous and it also makes you happy. All of us have passions. Some of us just fail to realize them. Nothing can stop us except we ourselves. Follow your passion. Run after it so hard that you just catch your dream in your hand. It will shine like a pearl, a miracle, a blessing in your hand.

…..You have to make time for your passion. You do not know where you will land. It may be no where or it may be somewhere. Stop worrying about failures. Stop worrying about what others may think. Do what you think is right for your dream.

Stumble, fall, get up, fall again, rise……but dont give up.