Daily Archives: January 29, 2023


Sometimes, life gives us a lot of pain. Sometimes, unknowingly, we give others a lot of pain and sometimes pain is just meant to be there, for no specific reason.

During times like this, you can only pray and hope that maybe, just maybe, the other person’s pain goes away.
Sometimes, to remove the pain, you have to move away from some people too. Because maybe your presence may add to their pain.

So, it is critical to understand when and what is causing someone pain and what can you do to stop it from becoming more painful.

Pain is felt in the heart, just like any other feeling. And sometimes, u just have to keep it hidden in your heart because no matter how hard you try, the pain is not going to go away.

It may be because someone close to you is no longer in your life or maybe because they have gone so far that you can’t call them back. Or maybe because your paths were supposed to cross only till a certain time.

No matter why the pain is there, just accept it as any other feeling and let it live its course.

Eventually, it will subside …. Like everything else…. Like everything else…!