Nothing belongs to us!

Nothing belongs to us….absolutely nothing…. from the tip of a needle to the vast gigantic oceans, from the microorganisms to the largest species available on the planet, from the captivating sunsets to the destructive volcanoes… from our first heart beat to our last heart beat….from our loved ones to those we envy…. NOTHING belongs to us. Everything in this world…. belongs to that gigantic, enormous superpower that is running the universe…. whom we call God, the creator or by many other names.

Everything came from the earth and in the earth it will perish.

YET… we feel that “This is ours….that is ours…”… ” Success is mine or the belongings are mine”…. The main problem in this world is the problem of the word “MINE”.

Right since childhood, we are taught, these things are yours and then when we lose them, we cry. When we lose our loved ones, we cry, because we are attached to them. But the fact of the matter is that every emotion that we feel is also not ours.

Everything that happens inside of us is also not ours. Our feelings are also not our feelings. They also are given by this superpower called God, who doesn’t appear in front of us but just makes us feel his presence, through times of trials and tribulations and memories and prayers and wishes and hopes and feelings and love and envy and even jealousy.

Why do we cry when we lose someone? We should accept the fact that that thing or person was never ours to begin with. But our heart drives us towards their memories.

The whole game of life is between the brain and the heart, pulling us in different directions, all the time.

In Hinduism they say, “Aatma” (Spirit) and “Parmatma”, (God) or “Jadh” (Which exists) and Chetan (Which you feel) and that’s why the famous hindu Gods Radha and Krishna are considered to be one. (Body, Soul and consciousness)

Nothing belongs to us…. YET….. we continue to say “It was mine!”….YET we continue to say… “It was mine…. “

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