Daily Archives: January 6, 2023

Reading books as journeys!

Today, as I was reading a book, I realized that some of the thoughts mentioned in the book were positive and some were negative. It was like a journey….with ups and downs. There are statements that make you feel, the author had a great time and there are other statements that make you feel that the author had a rough phase.

Isn’t our life like a book too? If someone were to read the book of your life, he/she would see so many ups or downs…right? There were times when you did really well and there were other times when you stumbled, fell, stood up and walked again!

When you read a book, it takes you through so many emotions, so many realizations.

As you read your next book, try to analyze which statement is a positive statement and which is not so positive. The book will take you through winding roads and trails in your mind and you will form connections with the words inscribed in the book.

Each book has a start and an end, so does life. Each book has positives and negatives, so does life.

Each book is an aggregation of several people’s efforts, and so is life. The people that you meet and the connections that you form, give life its meaning.

Maybe that’s why books are not just lifeless pages, but stories full of life.

As you read the next book, analyze what the author must have gone through while writing each statement. What could have his/her journey been like?

You will come across an absolutely new horizon in terms of reading, a place where no thought is completely right or completely wrong. Each emotion is followed by an absolutely different emotion itself and no book’s journey can be entirely same as yours because you are a BOOK in yourself!!

Try to write the story of your life….even if it’s one page, 3 pages or 100 pages…. Ask someone to read it and they will weave through it their own stories of life. Each facet of your story can lead the reader to many many new stories.

And again, the reality still remains unknown. Because, that is the beauty of life! No one knows what truly happened in someone’s journey.

Each book is a mystery. Each life is a mystery!

Happy reading!!