Daily Archives: December 11, 2022

Understand and be compassionate

Everyone in this world is trying to understand life. We all are trying to make sense out of the adventures, mysteries and the challenges that life presents to us. Besides trying to understand our own lives, we are also trying to understand others’ lives. (Sometimes out of curiosity, sometimes to help, and sometimes for no specific reason!)

However, with the constantly moving force that life is, it is extremely difficult to comprehend it. People who don’t like you, suddenly become your friends and sometimes your life long friends, suddenly lose connection with you.

What is important to understand amongst all of these adventures is that we all are going through the same or similar challenges in life! Someone’s child is sick, someone’s dog is sick, someone’s parents are not doing well, someone’s parents are alone and old, someone has lost his/her parents, someone has financial struggles, someone has time struggles and so on and so forth….!

We all have something going on that is making us stronger….. more competent and more resilient in life….

What is important is to understand that we need to lend a listening ear, be compassionate and appreciate each other’s differences, similarities and struggles.

We all need to just accept that we will NEVER EVER know the real truth…. except for the fact that we tried to LEARN….

In hinduism, Lord Krishna pays a lot of respect and importance to FRIENDSHIP…. because it is one relation that you form outside of your family and still can last for a lifetime!!

We all need to be friends to each other in times of trials and tribulations and give each other compassion and strength to keep moving on.

Because what keeps moving on is LIFE and what stops forever is DEAD….

We all need to appreciate each other, accept the changes we are going through and understand as much as we can.


May you understand life better than yesterday and may you have fulfilling friendships and relationships!! God bless you!!