Daily Archives: November 22, 2022

What are we doing for our children?

Children ….Who fill us with so much love that we ourselves forget all our worries…

Children… Who don’t ask for castles or diamonds but just pure, genuine love.

Children… Who are so innocent that they will imitate your behavior no matter good or bad.

Today, I want to ask the society that what are we doing for our children and the future generation?

Does creating social media posts about travel and fun moments improve our children’s lives? Does creating social media buzz about our careers improve our children’s lives? Does clicking their pictures and posting them everywhere improve their lives?
No…. Their lives will improve when we value and cherish them and more importantly…. SPEND TIME WITH THEM…. Love them… not get angry at them.

Their lives will improve if we create a better world for them… a safer world… a world that is free from all biases…. That accepts children as children…

Their lives will improve if we create a world with lesser diseases and better healthcare , better education… better infrastructure.

What kind of world are we leaving for our kids…. A world that is full of phones and gadgets…?? Will that make them better people.

Shouldn’t we all, as established career oriented people, leave a better and brighter and more importantly happier world for them.

Everything begins at home.

How many of you can promise to give 2-3 hours of undivided attention to your kids everyday? (No phones, no gadgets, just pure love and attention)

How many of you can promise not to get upset with them but rather have atleast one meaningful conversation with them each week!

How many of us can devote our entire lives to the wellbeing of children?

My daughter fell sick for a few days and it hurts my heart to see her sick. I am sure u all feel the same way when ur kids are sick.

Can we all try to spend good quality time with children everyday? Is it too hard?

I ask the question again, which is the title of this article. What are we doing for our children?