Daily Archives: October 20, 2022

A Servant leader makes others successful

You all might have met so many types of leaders at your workplace and some of them you truly appreciate from the bottom of your heart. These leaders are the ones who have made you the person you are and have contributed to your success.

Success – a small seven letter word but it drives the world crazy! What does success mean to you? In simple terms I think that if your work gets done and you are able to achieve something, it makes you successful.

When I look back and think of people who have helped me grow and learn, the one term that comes to my mind is “Servant Leadership”. The leaders whom I respect the most are the ones who gave up their own ambitions to see others grow. They listened, they appreciated and they walked with me during the toughest times.

We all have to be servant leaders at one point or the other….sometimes to help our family, our kids and sometimes at work.

Making others successful means you are a PROVIDER, a NOURISHER, an ENCOURAGER and a self-sufficient person. You are not involved in ego struggles or any kind of race for appreciation. You are pretty content with who you are and what your journey has been like.

When you make others successful, you provide for their needs, without expecting anything in return.

You try to adjust yourself according to their whims and fancies, without complaining.

You respect the other people’s time and give them benefit of doubt even if it is at the expense of your own happiness.

You are a servant leader who needs no servants or followers because you consider yourself self sufficient. Instead, you become a FULFILLER of other people’s needs and requirements.

You are a servant leader when you like to see people grow, instead of getting jealous or envious of them.

You truly believe that making others successful will not diminish your success but rather increase it manifolds!

You strike the right balance between work, family, kids and all other priorities in life! When people sound anxious, negative or get worried, you just listen and accept them just the way they are and guide them in the positive direction.

It’s not easy to be a servant leader but it truly makes you a better person and a more grateful person in life!

You realize that your success is incomplete without other people’s success.

You make yourself available for others and just give them a higher priority than yourself.

I think all of this and a lot more makes a servant leader.

That is what I aspire to be…. Not fully there yet but trying my best….!

As they say, “Service before self!” – should be our motto in life!

May we all get the wisdom to serve everyone, the community and God!