Daily Archives: October 11, 2022

Life happens inside our head!

Life is something that happens inside our heads! The outside circumstances maybe the same for some people, however what’s going on in their heads might be very different.

Next time, when you are sitting with your family members and watching TV together or just playing a game, notice how everyone reacts, how everyone feels and how everyone behaves…. their expressions and reactions…. they are so different! The outside surroundings are the same… people living in the same house… watching the same thing on TV… but each person’s feelings are different.

Now, let’s expand it to a bigger picture…. Just like people live in the same house, similarly, we all are living on the same planet… Mother earth. The outside is same for everyone. It’s what they create inside them that defines their life!!

Everyone creates different feelings at different times… so everyone’s life is different or RATHER… everyone’s perception of life is different…

The way I perceive life might be completely opposite from the way you or someone else perceives life!

Everyone is trying to be a part of this journey of life! It’s so fascinating that everyone wants to feel included and involved in the greater mission of making an impact before they leave this world…

Everyone wants to feel that their existence matters….

Life happens inside of us and ends inside of us…. but we get so engrossed in collecting outside things or artifacts that we forget that the real meaning of life is to be content and happy.

It’s important to be grateful for this beautiful journey!

Life is a gift…. Create beautiful emotions and memories if you can… That’s all that matters!!

Life is going to go away in a flash!!…. Enjoy while it lasts…

I also heard in one of the videos today, that when astronauts go into space… they feel a larger than life experience…. When they look at the earth…. conflicts don’t matter… boundaries don’t matter and they see the earth as one entity!!

I wish we all saw the earth as one entity while we are here….

Let only “good” life happen inside your head!