Daily Archives: September 12, 2022

Tests of values

I heard something yesterday and was wondering how true is it? It said, “Every small act that you do is a reflection of your values and not necessarily an exertion of control”. I also saw a video about locus of control, ie. how some of us have an internal locus of control and take responsibility for our actions, successes and failures, while others have an external locus of control and tend to blame their failures on others or on fate.

Aren’t all these things pretty questionable? Most of us try to have good values like respect, honesty, trust and so on, but still do all our actions reflect those values at all times and if not then why?? What sometimes drives us towards actions that are not necessarily in sync with our values.

I think the only answer to this question is the evolving mind! Our minds are continuously evolving and even though our values may be constant but there are ripple effects ie. sometimes unknowingly or unintentionally we tend to move away from our values and at other times, we stick to them. The reason probably is growth.

Everyone wants to grow and everyone wants a lot of good things in life. If we don’t create these ripples of thoughts and actions, our life will be like standing water. These ripple effects create waves or motion and that circulates energy. That is why, we need to understand these ripples and in spite of them happening, constantly try to remain in sync with our values.

Values like being nice to people no matter what, values like being responsible and hard working, values like being selflessly devoted to God and the world. Values like giving your best self at all times…

I know it can be hard sometimes to stick to these values with everyone at all times but those are the tests we need to undergo. Tests of values!

Are u nice to people even when they are rude to u? Are u patient with kids? Do u lend a listening ear to everyone? Do u respect everyone no matter what stature or title they have?

and most importantly, do u do this at all times?

If not, then do u reflect on your own behavior sometimes and try to improve it, each minute, each day, everyday?

There can be a question now that – Why should we stick to our values at all times? Won’t that create standing water?

Well, imagine each ripple of thought in your mind and imagine it having a center from where it starts. That center is the value.

If we create ripples with good values, good actions will be inculcated. If we create ripples with bad values, bad actions will be inculcated.

Hence, it is truly important to constantly try and pass the test of values and be nice to everyone, no matter what. It’s hard but with patience, it is possible. 🙏

Let’s all try to create positive ripples in life and stick to the positive values, as much as we can!

Good luck to me and to you as we continue these tests in life! 😊