Communication happens when two people TALK to each other in any of the DEFINED languages of the world. They verbally exchange words and express their feelings to each other. That’s when REAL communication happens.

A lot of times, we don’t listen to the other people, we just ASSUME what they are trying to tell us. We have some thoughts in our mind and we feel this is the reality that they are trying to say. NO…. NO…NO… NO…. Absolutely no…. Whenever you are in doubt…. CLARIFY…. ASK…. QUESTION…. TALK…. THROW OUT SOME MEANINGFUL WORDS OUT OF YOUR MOUTH for a “conversation”.

DONT ASSUME…. GET IT PROVED from the other person.

A lot of friendships and relationships fail because two people are not willing to TALK to each other. They keep things in their heart and just assume that the other person will READ THEIR MIND!

THIS CANNOT HAPPEN…. This is not humanly possible. Nobody can get into your brain and read your mind…. So please talk….

If you don’t want to lose a loved one from going away…. talk and stop them from going…. If you don’t want your child to feel bad about your anger… Talk and say sorry….. If you are grateful to someone for something…. say THANK YOU!!

Don’t be in a rush to keep the phone down all the time….. TALK…. Let the conversations be at ease rather than SILENT interpretations of “God knows what!!??!!”.

It’s important to express yourself and share your emotions….. especially as partners or even friends….. You have to talk.

If you don’t get the answer the first time, ask again…. Don’t let the other person lingering in an unknown place….

If you are taking a class and you don’t understand what the teacher taught you…. then ask…

Don’t feel shy…. coz if you don’t talk now… the moment will be gone and then later you will feel bad.

Say things like…. “I care for you or I’m there for you”… or “Good job”…. or ” You look awesome today”….

Say things to brighten up other people’s day…. Compliment them…. Be nice…. Be open minded….

Accept that everyone may not always agree with you and it’s ok…. You have to just let them be….

However, if you want to maintain the relationship….. then please please please TALK.

And don’t talk in y our mind….. TALK LOUDLY AND CLEARLY so the other person can hear you.

The more you talk and listen…. the more you learn….

If you need something, ASK. If you are in pain, SAY IT. If you are not happy, EXPRESS IT.

ARTICULATE all that you feel and don’t hesitate….

Your words will die inside of you without getting heard…. Give them Life…. TALK!!

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