Life is imperfect!

Life is not perfect! No moment in life is absolutely perfect. Sometimes a family member doesn’t say what he should have said. Sometimes a kid does not behave the way he is ”supposed” to be…. Sometimes the time is not right or the circumstances are not right…

However, the more we learn to accept life with all its imperfections, the easier life becomes!

Acceptance of a situation in its most natural and real form is most important. Dont argue with ”What is”.

Try your best to make life better but before that accept the imperfections in life!

There will be absolutely no day in your life when your partner or your kids will say each word exactly as you’d like to hear it.

There can be no day in your life when everything will go exactly the way u want it to.

Life is not a puppet show…. its real… with real people having real emotions and this uncertainty of what will happen next…. makes u more curious and u want to go on…

If everything was written like a script, there would be no fun in life!

The factor of ”unknown” fills our life with curiosity, eagerness, learnings and looking forward to the next moment… no matter what!

When we accept our kids’ imperfections, our spouse’s imperfections…. we accept ourselves as imperfect too!

And its ok…. Life is meant to be that way…

Some days ur dog will fall sick…. some day your interview wont go well…. some day you will not be in the best of health…

But on other days…. u will feel absolutely healthy and happy and ready to rise and shine!!

Life always has a hope that … Keep moving…. the best is yet to come!!

Life is perfect with its imperfections!!

As long as there is a sine curve of heartbeat flowing, there will be ups and downs… coz when its a straight line…. its all over anyways!

Enjoy the imperfections….. Accept ur kids tantrums…. your partner’s mood swings….

Real life is not like social media pictures… all smiles and laughter.

I read that real life is messy …. full of stumbles…. highs and lows and thats what makes it worthwhile!!

Enjoy the mountains and the valleys while they last!! Enjoy your perfectly imperfect life!! ❤️

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