Schooling does not guarantee ‘intellect’.

When I think about intellect, I think about the decisive ability of the mind, the ability to choose the right path over the wrong path.

The reason why I feel schooling does not guarantee ‘intellect’ is because in school, kids are taught certain subjects to achieve certain grades. They are not questioned on their intellectual ability. They are not asked, “Do you want to do X or do you want to do Y?”

As a kid enters the school environment, he/she has to make a lot of choices. These choices are no different from life choices. The greatest teacher that is giving them the power to decide is LIFE and not just SCHOOL.

School is just one of the places where knowledge is shared…. knowledge about facts…things that we are aware of…. but WHAT TO DO with that knowledge…. is INTELLECT. And that cannot be taught.

Intellect comes with experience by making many different choices over and over again. When you take the wrong decisions, you realize the value of right decisions. When you make the wrong choices, you realize the value of right choices.

If you believe in yourself, you can always direct your mind in the RIGHT direction…. your intellect can lead you to the right places and the right decisions. But if you don’t believe in yourself and the “good path”, then you are bound to falter, you will be inclined to make the wrong choices , inspite of your wish to go on the right path.

Believe in yourself…. Trust yourself… Trust goodness… Trust the right deeds… Believe that good things WILL come back to you if you do good…. Trust this universe…. Then you will be able to CONTROL and GUIDE your intellect to always take the right decisions.

It’s not your school or your education that matters…. It’s your ability to GUIDE your mind in the right direction… No matter what… to make the RIGHT choices, inspite of many wrong and tempting options in front of you.

When you send your kids to school, don’t expect their intellect to get developed unless and until, they are forced into situations where they have to make the RIGHT CHOICES….

Studying History, Science or geography can give you the knowledge but not the intellect….

Intellect comes by REPEATEDLY making the right choices and the right decisions and sticking to your integrity, honesty, goodness and CORE Values.

Believe me no matter how good you are…. you can still be tempted to do the wrong thing every once in a while… That’s where you have to BE STRONG IN YOUR MIND…. and CHOOSE…. the right option.

You have to tell yourself that I will choose the righteous path…. even if it gives me less comfort or less money.

Grow your knowledge but also DEVELOP YOUR INTELLECT….

Every moment in life is a choice and making the right choices leads you to a good life….

CHOOSE your options wisely…. becuase that is true INTELLECTUAL POWER.

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