Service before self

When I was in school, I had heard this quote, ”Service before self”. At one point, I thought, I understood its meaning but now I feel, there is still so much to understand.

We all know that we have this one life and it’s upto us what we do with it. We could make it a meaningless pass time or we could make it a meaningful service – A service to mankind and every other living being on this planet. A service to help others succeed and do better in life. A service to those who are suffering. A service to help, to love, to create peace.

When we serve others, we tend to forget our sufferings, because we realize that there is so much that people are going through.

I try to do my bit of service in whatever way possible…I wish I could do more but I have daily responsibilities like a job, a family, a career, loans, expenses.

But I still feel like doing something more, to serve people in need. I honestly dont feel like announcing what I may be doing because I feel the best service is “To serve without any acknowledgement in return”….. ”To serve selflessly” and just enjoy the journey of selfless service.

I don’t know how many of us will have the time and the energy for selfless service, without expecting anything in return, without posting it on any social media channel, without announcing it to the world…. But trust me when I say that ….this kind of silent service will give you the most joy… the most fulfillment and peace and the most enlightenment.

Serve silently…. but do serve… in whatever way u can… whatever capacity u can…. for a few minutes or a few hours…. Just serve and just once, dont post it anywhere. Just have faith in your heart that your deeds have made this world a better place. And be happy with that thought!

Service before self… I am sure it means a lot more…. I will share as I discover its true, deep and real meaning…

Till then… Serve when u can and enjoy the service more than the acknowledgment! Enjoy the silent service to this world! Believe me, it will transform you from inside.

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