BE the change…

How many of us would like to see a perfect world? (Where there is no suffering, no discrimination, no harassment and no violence… infact none of the negative things)

Now… How many of us are willing to MAKE or CREATE that perfect world?

“Be the Change you want to see in the world” …. This is such an important quote but how many of us truly realize its meaning?

Today, I saw a video about extreme poverty in several parts of the world. People there are actually suffering…

One way to look at this situation is to crib and say that…”Well, poverty is a reality…Nothing can be done about it”.

The other way is to take action… Lift up your hands and DO something about it…

I wanted to help immediately after watching that video…

I searched online for volunteering opportunities and applied to several of them…

I have a full time job, I am a mom, a wife but after seeing that poverty video… I wanted to do more… More than what I have done in my life so far…

I felt like I have really done nothing…. except to try to rise up in career and achieve the good things in life…

THERE IS SOOOO MUCH that I could have done…. Soooo much that we all can do… Together…

We can teach children online… if it is not possible to go outside…

We can participate in growing more plants and trees…

We can donate towards good causes…

Are our lives just limited to social media and how many likes and appreciations we get on our pictures?

Are our lives just limited to our cellphones?

Can’t we all go out in the world and make a difference…?

Can’t we all help atleast one person in a day? (Just one person a day)

Can we all do all of it…. without hoping for or expecting anything back in return?

Isn’t it amazing how some of the freedom fighters fought for their countries without expecting anything in return?

Isn’t it amazing how people are fighting on the borders of the countries…without expecting any likes or thumbs up to their work?

Isn’t it amazing how so many people are actually going out into the world and helping the downtrodden and the poor?

Can we all not do a little bit more….? (Just a little bit more….)

Can’t we help others a little more than what we usually do?

Can we not offer support to those who really need it?

Lend a listening ear… to the children…. to the elderly…. to the poor….

Don’t you get a wonderful feeling after helping someone?

Isn’t that like the best thing in the world?

BE THE CHANGE…. That you want to see in the world….

BE GOD’s VOICE… GOD’s HANDS… GOD’s EYES…. GOD’s SUPPORT….. BE THAT SPECIAL PERSON… who has the power to share GOD’s LOVE with the world….

Don’t wait for God to SEND someone else…. HE SENT YOU!!!… to make a difference in this world….!! To mark a change in this world….



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