Action and Reaction!

Per Newton’s third law, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”.

I wonder if this applies to the forces of our mind! Suppose you are sitting in a gathering and you say something about someone, then there can be absolutely different reactions from two different people. One may feel happy about it and another may feel offended.

So, Newton’s law doesn’t really apply to the forces of the mind. Infact, it is just not possible to measure the forces/reactions of the mind.

Emotions are not quantifiable. There is no way to measure if one person loves you more than another or one person is more angry at you than the other. There is no physical measure of these emotions.

Life works on the laws of the mind! That’s why it’s so unpredictable…

We all go around from one place to another… one moment to another…. collecting artifacts…. AND emotions….

There is a limit to the number of artifacts we can collect in life and usually that is quantifiable…. example…2 houses, 2 cars….4 TVs etc…

But the memories and the emotions that we collect in the process of life are not quantifiable. There is no way to measure how many emotions a person has gone through in his/her life!

We have named various emotions like love, anger, jealousy, compassion, fear…. but we just cannot measure them! – On any scale – Everyone knows they exist but they are virtual…. not real. You cannot touch and feel them.

I cannot touch your fear and you cannot touch my love. We just feel them at different levels of interpretation.

Actions and reactions in terms of emotions…. follow no rules….. They are immeasurable… and unseen…

There is an invisible energy of emotions constantly flowing in our lives…. We feel it…. every moment… every day but we cannot hold it in our hands…. We cannot lock it in a box… We can only explain it to a certain extent….

Life is a feeling…. it’s like a butterfly …hovering from one flower to another….

Emotion felt at one point is suddenly lost at another point…. it just fades into nowhere…

Where do these emotions come from and where do they go….? No one knows…..

It’s all the magic of our minds….

No emotion has an equal and opposite re-emotion…..

Emotions are unpreditable….

And no matter how much science progresses in the world…. this invisible energy of emotions will continue to confuse and fascinate the human minds….

That’s why probably God has created such electric signals in the brain that cannot be captured even after a person dies…

That’s why a person’s story remains his/her own…. Forever…. mysterious and unsolved….

That’s why there is a presence of this unknown life energy in everyone’s life!!

And that’s why life is miraculous…..

And we continue to explore life…. more and more….

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