Daily Archives: April 30, 2021

A loaf of bread and Karma!

When a loaf of bread reaches your house, it has actually gone through a lot of processing. From the beginning till the end. Lots of people are involved in making bread available in your house and that includes the flour producer, the baker, the quality inspectors, transporters, retailers and maybe delivery guys and so on and so forth. And yes, In the end you pay money to get that loaf of bread. Money just gets the product from the end point to your hands but before that a lot of things have happened.

If you go to a grocery store with $1000 in your pocket but there is no supply of bread at the store, there is no way you can buy it. So it’s not just the money that is getting u the bread but the karma of all those people involved. In simple terms, if the supply chain breaks somewhere in the middle, you may not get the product that you need.

Every single thing in your house that you have or possess has gone through similar supply chains.

Each day when you wake up, pray to god that whatever karmas are bringing food on my table stay maintained. Whatever karmas are bringing clothes in my closet keep happening and whatever karmas are keeping a roof on top of my head stay intact.

Not just that, small things like medicines, grocery, school supplies, car utilities, curtains, mirrors….. Nothing absolutely nothing will come to your house if the supply chain of karma breaks….

The reason you have something is because someone, somewhere put in the efforts and created it in the first place. Then after that, people were kind enough to supply it to you in exchange for money.

Money is not just buying goods but paying off for the good karmas of people!!

So, next time u see a loaf of bread on your table…. Just think and imagine what all efforts might have taken for that loaf to reach you and how easily you were able to purchase it!!

Be thankful that our society is running on karma….

When people work hard, the society benefits. That’s the law of nature.

If people don’t work or become corrupt, the society suffers!!

Be honest, do good karma and make good things!! You never know whom all are your deeds serving indirectly or directly….

Keep the karma cycle going!! For the benefit of all.