Instead of praying… HELP!

Religion is always a complicated topic. There are thousands of cultures, thousands of traditions and each preaches its own things… I respect all religions and their practices but there is one thing I respect more that religion or prayers and that is KARMA

If 1000 people are sitting in a religious gathering and offering prayers…. Think of the IMPACT they can have if all of those 1000 people went and HELPED the people in need. (Through volunteering, donations or any other means that actually help others)

If I were to compare “someone offering prayers” to “someone feeding a hungry person or giving shelter to a homeless person”, I always feel the latter holds more importance.

Actually DOING something for the other person is better than just THINKING about it….

Adopting a child…feeding the hungry….giving shelter to the homeless… donating books at a library….donating clothes… Keeping your house clean and keeping only what you need… Constantly helping others in one way or the other… Educating an illiterate child… Not wasting food…Not complaining about life.. Not complaining about the past….Being humble…

Aren’t all of these KARMAS better than offering prayers?

Prayers hold their own importance and meaning but the greatest form of prayer is to HELP someone….

If you just look around, you will see so….. many people who need help. There are countless people who need your help and assistance. (COUNTLESS!!!)

Take out time from your busy schedule and instead of just offering prayers… Help those in need.

If you can’t physically help anyone… donate a small amount from your income monthly to an association that helps others….

If you have the ability to help others… please help them.

If you can’t do anything…. then just take care of your body. That is also a form of service you perform for your body and for others. (So they don’t need to serve you)

Water a plant…. sow some seeds…. Call someone and just say you were thinking about them and would be happy to help… Sometimes just offering a word of compassion helps…

And do pray when you can…. But think of karma…. before prayers….

It hurts to see so many people lonely and helpless…. especially young children and elderly who are the edges of life….

Children hold a very important place in my heart…. I always feel they are like pots of clay that you can give any shape to…. However you want to mould them….

Play with children…. they need a lot of play time and that is also a form of service that you can offer…

Listen to the elderly…. Just listen… dont ask… dont question… dont argue…. Just listen….

There is soooo much we all can do…. Imagine the energy that would be generated if 1000 people sitting in a religious gathering ….. all got up and started helping others… even each other….

Do you still think prayers are more important than karma? And I won’t question you if you do. It’s absolutely fine….

Everyone is right in their own way…!

HELP…. It’s such a powerful word… It can create miracles when offered to others…

HELP…. as much as you can… whenever you can….

HELP…. Help yourself and help others….

You will never regret helping someone…. Never ever… because it is the best form of KARMA….!

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