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A loaf of bread and Karma!

When a loaf of bread reaches your house, it has actually gone through a lot of processing. From the beginning till the end. Lots of people are involved in making bread available in your house and that includes the flour producer, the baker, the quality inspectors, transporters, retailers and maybe delivery guys and so on and so forth. And yes, In the end you pay money to get that loaf of bread. Money just gets the product from the end point to your hands but before that a lot of things have happened.

If you go to a grocery store with $1000 in your pocket but there is no supply of bread at the store, there is no way you can buy it. So it’s not just the money that is getting u the bread but the karma of all those people involved. In simple terms, if the supply chain breaks somewhere in the middle, you may not get the product that you need.

Every single thing in your house that you have or possess has gone through similar supply chains.

Each day when you wake up, pray to god that whatever karmas are bringing food on my table stay maintained. Whatever karmas are bringing clothes in my closet keep happening and whatever karmas are keeping a roof on top of my head stay intact.

Not just that, small things like medicines, grocery, school supplies, car utilities, curtains, mirrors….. Nothing absolutely nothing will come to your house if the supply chain of karma breaks….

The reason you have something is because someone, somewhere put in the efforts and created it in the first place. Then after that, people were kind enough to supply it to you in exchange for money.

Money is not just buying goods but paying off for the good karmas of people!!

So, next time u see a loaf of bread on your table…. Just think and imagine what all efforts might have taken for that loaf to reach you and how easily you were able to purchase it!!

Be thankful that our society is running on karma….

When people work hard, the society benefits. That’s the law of nature.

If people don’t work or become corrupt, the society suffers!!

Be honest, do good karma and make good things!! You never know whom all are your deeds serving indirectly or directly….

Keep the karma cycle going!! For the benefit of all.

Just one breath away….

As I write this post, I have Krishna bhajans playing in the background. For those who don’t know ….Krishna is a god per Indian mythology. I have always had a fondness for Krishna and his teachings (Bhagawad gita especially)…. But at the same time, I have fondness for all religions and cultures…. I know they all preach one thing….. “To be good”. That’s all.

Lately, I have been wondering how different we are… and you know what… we are all not that different… I mean there are people with different cultural backgrounds, financial backgrounds, races, color, creed and so on but you know…. We all are JUST one breath away from each other….!

The people who are richest in the world…. are richest only until their next breath. If the very next second, their breath goes away… forever… then …would you still call them the richest people on earth?

The greatest wealth that humans have is their breath….their life… not their money or stature or anything else in the world…

Because if you lose your next breath… you will lose everything…. and you won’t even realize it because you will be gone forever….

Be thankful for the next breath you take…. be thankful for being alive…!!

Do not compare yourself to others…. coz they are just one breath away from you… that’s it! Everything else will stay as it is…. We come empty handed and we will leave empty handed…

That’s why they say… the best moments in life are those….. that take your breath away! 🙂

Each time you breathe… Thank that invisible super power…. that gave you this life! …. which we call by various names in various cultures….

I read a quote recently that “Sometimes your hardest times seem to pass very smoothly…. as if some invisible hand is carrying you along …. That invisible hand…. that invisible power is God”….

So…. our every breath should be devoted to that super power…. and also devoted to the wellness of each and every single being on this planet…. whether it be a human being, a plant or an animal….

We all have ONE thing in common and that is LIFE!!! All the other differences are secondary…. they don’t mean anything….nothing at all…

You lose your breath the next minute and …. all the CRITERIAS you had created in your life for your success or wealth or fame or abundance…. are gone in a flash!!

Just one breath away…. just one breath away….

Love… live…smile… be happy…. as you breathe….!! It’s the biggest and greatest wealth you can accumulate in the next moment….!!

To err is human… to forgive is divine and “being human is to err”

Yes, I added that last part… “to be human is to err”…

In my last article I was talking about work and “being human at work”. That made me think, what is being human?? What do we mean by being human or humanity in general.

I think the most important thing to realize as humans is….. that we are not perfect and we make mistakes everyday, each moment of the day.

Take a small example, someone asks you “How are you?”… How many permutations/combinations can you think of in response to that question? You may say…

“I am fine” or “Why are u asking?” Or “ I am ok, just let me be” or “I am doing good, thanks!” Or “ It doesn’t matter how I am, you tell me how are you?”

Can you imagine that one simple question can have thousands of answers depending on our mood. Similarly, every situation in life has thousands of answers/ responses / choices.

We make choices every second, in what we talk, how we behave, how we act/react. But none of the ways is perfect or absolutely right.

What may seem perfect response to you… may seem inappropriate to someone else.

Life gives us choices every second. The main fact is that we have limited time, so we make only 1 choice per second and move on to the next thing. And the fact of the matter is, every choice is imperfect. TO ERR IS HUMAN!!

So, let’s give each other some room to make mistakes, let’s allow each other to make mistakes. Everytime someone says something, let’s accept it as his best mistake he could make in that moment and forgive him if we don’t like it.

We all are doing fine in life!! It’s ok…. live a moment and move on….There were million combinations/ways in which you could have lived your life but we are not going into the past now!!

We are just going to make new mistakes, better mistakes, better choices from NOW ON and more than that ACCEPT the fact that none of our choices are absolutely perfect and it’s ok….

Be human… be forgiving to yourself and to others…

Let things pass by if they are gone… Don’t get too angry at yourself for making mistakes because life is a learning experience and if we don’t err, we don’t learn. That’s why we are not perfect. And please don’t get too angry at children or elderly….

Next time, when your spouse says something or your child or even your boss…. Accept it as an imperfect version of themselves that they are best trying to put forward for u. (An imperfect “being human” thing) and it’s ok!!

Don’t try to change them or Mould them each time… Just accept them!!

This is the first rule to “Being human”…. Be willing to make mistakes and be willing to “Forgive”!!!

Let’s all be human… let’s all be ready to make mistakes and learn and more than that… be willing to accept and forgive!!

Work, money and “being human”!

We all work… well…we all have to work to earn money…. to buy us all the things we need to lead a good life! …. But there is one thing we all forget in the process… Something even more important than earning money…. something even more important than buying things and that is “Being human”. We all are aware of the political scenarios at work and how much we all have to struggle to get to where we want to be. We all have to prove our worth….. win trust…. build connections….and get work done.

Is getting work done the only thing in life?

Is the most successful person the one who has completed the maximum chores in his/her life?

Is the happiest person the one who has reached the top of the success ladder?

As we wade through the political storms at work, we have to appreciate, understand and respect the fact that we all are human. We all have our own challenges and struggles. We all have things to take care of and no one has everything.

So…. as you WORK your way up the success ladder… RESPECT your colleagues who are going through struggles in their life… RESPECT your colleagues who are on their own or don’t have any family members….RESPECT your colleagues who are specially abled…. or pregnant or….have some other kind of dependency besides work.


And the most important aspect is to respect that “OTHERS ARE ALSO HUMAN”…. they also make mistakes… they also have their struggles…. and some may not even realize what they are going through. They may be struggling inside and never be able to show it to others…

When I was 7 months pregnant…. I had stress at work (due to deliverables and colleagues etc etc)….because of which I had bleeding and some complications….

Thankfully everything got resolved and my baby came out healthy and absolutely fine…. I still wish my colleagues were more supportive at that time… I still wish maybe just maybe….. they were more human…. and understood my circumstances…. I just wish…. I wish I had not taken too much stress and just focused on my health…. I wish…. It was a big wake up call for me too … to focus on my child more than my work.

We are human beings first before money churning machines.

When MONEY didn’t exist…. there was the barter system. People exchanged goods for goods…. The same thing can happen now. We all can revert back to the old systems…. ONLY and ONLY IF we have bigger hearts.

We have to understand that at work, everyone is trying their best…. based on their circumstances.

And if there is ANYTHING MORE IMPORTANT than earning money….. IT IS BEING HUMAN. IT IS BEING a KIND PERSON, someone PEOPLE LOOK UP TO AND RESPECT. Someone people acknowledge as a “NICE” person!

When you work and earn money….. You earn the material things…. the richness, glory and fame.

When you work and also are NICE and earn money…. YOU WIN HEARTS!! YOU WIN TRUST and you win an urge to perform better.

It’s important to RE-ITERATE that…

When you work and earn money….. You earn the material things…. the richness, glory and fame.

When you work and also are NICE and earn money…. YOU WIN HEARTS!! YOU WIN TRUST and you win an urge to perform better.

Keep the political storms aside…. and just do me a favor… Just be a nice person….

As Michael Jackson’s song goes…”Heal the world…Make it a better place… for you and for me and for the entire human race!”….

Let’s keep work aside for a minute… and just focus on being HUMAN…. Rest everything will follow… Trust me….

Instead of praying… HELP!

Religion is always a complicated topic. There are thousands of cultures, thousands of traditions and each preaches its own things… I respect all religions and their practices but there is one thing I respect more that religion or prayers and that is KARMA

If 1000 people are sitting in a religious gathering and offering prayers…. Think of the IMPACT they can have if all of those 1000 people went and HELPED the people in need. (Through volunteering, donations or any other means that actually help others)

If I were to compare “someone offering prayers” to “someone feeding a hungry person or giving shelter to a homeless person”, I always feel the latter holds more importance.

Actually DOING something for the other person is better than just THINKING about it….

Adopting a child…feeding the hungry….giving shelter to the homeless… donating books at a library….donating clothes… Keeping your house clean and keeping only what you need… Constantly helping others in one way or the other… Educating an illiterate child… Not wasting food…Not complaining about life.. Not complaining about the past….Being humble…

Aren’t all of these KARMAS better than offering prayers?

Prayers hold their own importance and meaning but the greatest form of prayer is to HELP someone….

If you just look around, you will see so….. many people who need help. There are countless people who need your help and assistance. (COUNTLESS!!!)

Take out time from your busy schedule and instead of just offering prayers… Help those in need.

If you can’t physically help anyone… donate a small amount from your income monthly to an association that helps others….

If you have the ability to help others… please help them.

If you can’t do anything…. then just take care of your body. That is also a form of service you perform for your body and for others. (So they don’t need to serve you)

Water a plant…. sow some seeds…. Call someone and just say you were thinking about them and would be happy to help… Sometimes just offering a word of compassion helps…

And do pray when you can…. But think of karma…. before prayers….

It hurts to see so many people lonely and helpless…. especially young children and elderly who are the edges of life….

Children hold a very important place in my heart…. I always feel they are like pots of clay that you can give any shape to…. However you want to mould them….

Play with children…. they need a lot of play time and that is also a form of service that you can offer…

Listen to the elderly…. Just listen… dont ask… dont question… dont argue…. Just listen….

There is soooo much we all can do…. Imagine the energy that would be generated if 1000 people sitting in a religious gathering ….. all got up and started helping others… even each other….

Do you still think prayers are more important than karma? And I won’t question you if you do. It’s absolutely fine….

Everyone is right in their own way…!

HELP…. It’s such a powerful word… It can create miracles when offered to others…

HELP…. as much as you can… whenever you can….

HELP…. Help yourself and help others….

You will never regret helping someone…. Never ever… because it is the best form of KARMA….!