Live responsibly

Often times, a lot of people put things on fate… or destiny…

I gained weight because “My body is like that”…
I like drinking because “It cools my mind”…
The accident happened because “Things went out of my control”…
I am not successful because “I am just unlucky and fate is not on my side”

HOW MANY TIMES…. How many times will we blame things on fate and destiny?

When we have the courage to breathe, to party, to enjoy….. Can we not DEVELOP the courtesy to live responsibly??

What does living responsibly mean? I heard somewhere that RESPONSIBILITY is made of two words – RESPONSE & ABILITY – “The ability to respond”.

Responsibility means:

Owning your body, your relationships, your children, your career, your life and everything else associated with it.

YOU have to control your eating temptations to keep a healthy body.
YOU have to control your interactions with people to develop healthy relationships in your life.
YOU have to control your words to ensure they don’t hurt others.
YOU have to control your driving habits to protect the lives of people.
YOU have to control your desires so that you are not spending extravagantly.
YOU have to manage your friendships so you have good people in your life.

When you came into this world, you were given some power, some authority, some control.

The fact that you have a body that can move, that can interact with people, that can have emotional bonding with people MEANS that you have a lot of RESPONSIBILITY associated with this body and its powers.

If you are not having a good relationship with your family members, take responsibility for it and make changes.
If you are not able to get along with people, take responsibility for it and make changes to your behavior.
If you are having struggle in your career, take responsibility for it and improve your skills.
If you are having problems in your marriage, take responsibility and develop loyalty, trust and strength.
If you are having trouble with your kids, look at what YOU are doing wrong.

TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and see how your life changes….

Take control of your mind…

I read somewhere that, “We owe a lot to this body because it DOES so much for us. We OWE taking care of the body, taking care of its actions and emotions. WE OWE doing exercise on a regular basis so that it stays fit and healthy. WE OWE a LOT to this body”.

TAKE responsibility for your money.

Whether you are filthy rich or extremely poor… Whatever amount of money you have… TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for the things you buy and the things you decide NOT TO BUY. (Don’t crave for them after you have decided not to buy them)

If you have a lot of accidents in your house with kids…. TAKE responsibility and CHILD PROOF your surroundings…

If you have a lot of trouble with your determination, CONTROL your mind or DO meditation to enhance it…


I am not saying that things don’t happen by fate…. Ofcourse if you are walking on the road and an AIRPLANE falls on your head… you can’t do anything about it… But what is the probability of that happening?!

TRY TO CONTROL what you can. Take responsibility. Be responsible.

When a person takes responsibility of his/her life, Life becomes worthwhile…. Your health improves, your relationships improve, your life improves, your children feel more loved and appreciated…

I read somewhere that “TONGUE is an organ that helps you speak and eat. If you are able to control THESE two POWERS and the emotions associated with it, you will feel atleast half of your life in control.

I don’t know who is reading this blog but this I hope it helps change someone’s life in a positive direction….

May god bless everyone!

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