In certain countries, right since the moment a child is born – His or her fate is SEALED.

If the child is a boy, he has to grow up and become an engineer or a doctor or take up other “manly” jobs like mechanic, electrician, carpenter. He has to earn a living.

If the child is a girl, she has to grow up, take up a career and get married and run a family and make a lot of sacrifices along the way.

These are the so called “IDEAL” definitions of guys’ and girls’ lives.


Why can’t a man, decide to be a cook or a fashion designer or a kindergarten teacher. What if a guy loves to manage kids? What is wrong with guys being school teachers or caretakers for kids? Why can’t they take up jobs that ordinarily, a woman would take. Why can’t they be just stay at home dads.

Similarly, why can’t a woman be a wrestler, a physical education teacher, a cartoonist, a truck driver, a bus driver, a train driver, a mechanic, a carpenter and so on.

Why do we have all these inhibitions, these stereotypes in our society??

Can’t we rise above them?

I know in some countries, these rules have been broken. For instance, I have seen women bus drivers in the US and hats off to the confidence with which they drive! I have seen a lot of men who are chefs at restaurants and hats off to them too…

However, I think we are yet to see

MEN as kindergarten teachers..
More women as wrestlers…
Men as homemakers…
Women as CEOs…
More Women as Pilots…

More women as carpenters, mechanics and so on…

In today’s world, when men and women have both reached OUTER SPACE, then why these inhibitions exist in our world??

Why do we have these stereotypes???

For examples, I feel many men who are excellent at taking care of kids would make wonderful kindergarten teachers! Similarly, many women would make awesome house builders etc…

Let’s break the stereotypes…. They just pull us down…. Let’s ALL rise above them!!!

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