The ‘enemy’ of Man

The enemy of man and mankind is not any other man or any other breed of animal. It is his or her own laziness.

When someone is lazy, it takes away all his energy, all his capability, all his enthusiasm and all his strength. It makes one very lethargic and negative towards life.

Laziness brings negative thoughts, fears and insecurities. 😒

When you are lazy, you just cannot work hard and all your emotions are driven by confusions.

“What is the point of living such a purposeless life?” – These are the thoughts that tend to emerge.

The one and only way to overcome laziness is to ‘Get up and get going…’ πŸ™‚

Everyone should be driven by purpose, goals and aims in life.

Where there is a purpose, there is enthusiasm to keep moving forward, no matter how situations are.


We need to just keep going…. keep doing what we need to do. We need to inspire others, future generations… kids and even grown ups…

Learning should continue at all ages… NO MATTER WHAT… 🌈

We should not breed negativity, laziness, jealousy or any other negative emotion in our minds and our hearts. They only… and only hurt us before they hurt anyone else.

Any negative feeling for that matter, hurts us first before it hurts anyone else.

When you feel lazy, “TRY” to do something… Start by doing something small… and then slowly, incrementally increase your stamina and capability… πŸ‘

If at some point, you feel very negative, passive and lazy…. then seek professional help. (Either from a psychologist/psychiatrist or any mental health professional)

Sometimes, just opening your heart out to people…. helps you heal. πŸ’–

Psochology and psychiatry are parts of MEDICAL SCIENCE. They are nothing to be afraid of. Just like you go to a stomach doctor or a kidney doctor, similarly you go to a BRAIN DOCTOR.

Brain is an organ. It’s not something to be scared of. It’s like any other organ in the body.

In today’s world, the most important thing that the future generation needs is ‘Peace of Mind’. They need the ability to focus, concentrate and slowly and steadily move towards their goal, with perseverance, dedication and motivation. ✌

Stress is the most common disease that impacts the younger generation. It has ‘kind of’ become a status symbol… If you are working… you should be stressed… else you are not working enough!!

If you want to stay away from all negative emotions.. like laziness, stress etc…. Then do yourself a favor… BE KIND TO YOURSELF…. Be happy where you are…. DO NOT compare yourself to others… Everyone has their own journey…. their own destiny…

And…. in the end… we all have to come back to 0. We start at 0 and we end at 0. Then where is the competition….

Laziness…. is the BIGGEST enemy to progress… to GROWTH and to PROSPERITY…

Be Kind to yourself… Pamper yourself… Love yourself… Don’t hurt yourself (EVER!!!!)….

Overcome laziness…. and try to familiarize yourself with the functioning of the brain…. Then you will understand how important it is to OVERCOME THE BLOCKERS OF THE MIND…..

Understand the science of the brain… understand the science of laziness….

Stay happy! Stay safe! Stay active!πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

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