Karma is Destiny and Destiny is Karma

A lot of people say that “What you sow is what you reap” or… “You get the results of your karma in this life itself…”…. or “Your destiny is a result of your karma”… 🤷‍♂️

It is very hard to tell if this is true or not. But I believe… and have also experienced that… “Karma results in Karma”…

When you sow a seed, a plant appears and then you need to water the plant to make it grow.
When you read a book to a student, it increases their knowledge and then they can implement new ideas.
When you clean a mirror, it shows better image and then people can admire their image in it.

When you throw trash, it is processed by a trash processing plant.

In other words, every Karma results in new Karma. When one thing is moved from one place to another, it has to in turn be moved from that place to another new place.

Everything has a lifecycle. Karma results in new karma and that results in new karma.

Then, where is the question of destiny? …. Our own karma becomes our destiny and someone else’s karma may also become our destiny.

Destiny is also a form of karma. When we get something in our destiny, we have to “DO” something with it. In other words, at no point of time are we “Not doing karma”.

We are constantly churning and being churned into this lifecycle of karma.

There is absolutely no need to differentiate between karma and destiny. What we have done is karma… What we are doing is Karma and what we will do in future is also karma.

Some people feel very happy when they get millions of dollars…. but they have to “DO” something with that money…. Otherwise it is of no value…. It is just lying there… like every other artificial thing in your house.

When you want to give something to your child to learn, give them “Work”…. Give them “Something to do…”…. “Something that will make them learn”.

I read somewhere that “If you want to make someone rich… give them money” but “If you want to make them richer…. give them WORK!” 👍😊

Everything is a process…. and it’s only and only “the process” that heals….

The process of “creation, manifestation and destruction”…. That is the essence of transformation and peace…. That is Karma and there is nothing else “Beyond it”!!

If you want to feel fulfilled in life… “Always DO something”… If you are always “BUSY”…. Life is good.

As long as you are moving…. you are part of the process of transformation…. You are a part of KARMA…. You are KARMA!! ✔

The beauty of Karma lies in its “incompleteness”…. in its “not knowing all”… Because no matter what you do… You can NEVER EVER understand “ALL OF KARMA”…

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