Universe… is not God.

A lot of old scriptures and texts say that the “Universe” is god… that every piece of this galaxy and all the other galaxies and the entire visible and invisible universe is nothing but God.

How can it be possible?

How can the universe be God?

Is there any scientific proof?

We know that planets are made of rocks and other physical substances and earth is the only planet that has water and life.

Inspite of trying so hard, we haven’t been able to find life on any other planet.

Then how can the whole universe (“Brahmaand”) be = God.

These are just mischievious ways of playing with our minds. We are made to believe that every spec on this planet and all other planets are being run by God…. that all the energies of the world are under the influence of a “universal spectacular marvelous supernatural” force…

We have always read that Force = Mass * Acceleration (in Physics)

Then how can there be a magananimous force of this kind that can shake, create or destroy the whole universe?

Earth has been forming and reforming for billions of years…

And for those billions of years… no one has found life on any other planet.

Then Universe is not God…

If the Universe is God…then I would rather have a new universe where…

“No child is ever left under nourished”
“No child is ever abused or ill treated”
“No one is left alone and everyone has someone to count on”
“Education is valued, encouraged and free for all”
“Where people support each other instead of stabbing each other”
“Where there is no evil and if there is… it is quickly transformed into good”
“Where there is freedom of speech and expression”
“Where everyone is treated equally and with respect”
“Where love exists beyond possible measure…”

That is the kind of universe I would call God…

Not just stars and planets and galaxies and some invisible unique force driving their oscillations…

That unique force which I would call God, exists within US…. in the minutest possible detail of us…. in our eyes… in our ears… in our speech…. in our SOUL….

It exists in the exact same way in the most beautiful person (if there is one) and the most evil person (if there is one) on earth….

It is THE SAME all throughout…. EVERYWHERE…. It never differentiates…. never hurts and ALWAYS HEALS….

That is my universe. That is God.

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