Known God (Science) and Unknown God

There are thousands of literatures about God, religion, mythology and so on. Each has its own beliefs, standards, philosophies etc. People follow all of these literatures and take their actions…. some visit temples, some visit other religious places and follow all kinds of rituals.

The works of God are unknown. That is why people say that the future is unknown.

However, there is a “Known God” too…. and I call that God, “Science”.

Science is based on FACTS – that something is bound to happen. There are formulaes and rules and algorithms, based on which things happen.

When we heat water – it boils.
When water is frozen – it turns into ice.
When something goes up – it comes down due to gravity.
These are KNOWN RULES.

SCIENCE has saved the lives of millions of people.

Many surgeries that could not be accomplished in the earlier times, are now easily accomplished….and they save LIVES of people.

Many women earlier died due to pregnancy complications…. because scientific theories were not well developed at that time….. However, now, women and their infants can be saved because of science.


Wouldn’t you trust science more than God?

Next time, when some one is ill and you feel like praying…. Do pray… but more than that…. SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE….

Next time, when someone is sick and you want to post it on social media…. remember that it would rather be better if you visit a doctor, rather than posting on social media.

If you really want to help the society, contribute to developments in science and technology…. Contribute to the scientific postulates and ideologies….

Take part in experiments… Believe in FACTS…

Next time, when someone gives you a religious belief, try to REASON it out too and find its scientific significance.

The struggle between SCIENCE and RELIGION has been going on for years, however, SCIENCE in proven.

Believe in science and encourage your future generations to also believe in science.


41379498 – hand drawn science on chalkboard.

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