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In certain countries, right since the moment a child is born – His or her fate is SEALED.

If the child is a boy, he has to grow up and become an engineer or a doctor or take up other “manly” jobs like mechanic, electrician, carpenter. He has to earn a living.

If the child is a girl, she has to grow up, take up a career and get married and run a family and make a lot of sacrifices along the way.

These are the so called “IDEAL” definitions of guys’ and girls’ lives.


Why can’t a man, decide to be a cook or a fashion designer or a kindergarten teacher. What if a guy loves to manage kids? What is wrong with guys being school teachers or caretakers for kids? Why can’t they take up jobs that ordinarily, a woman would take. Why can’t they be just stay at home dads.

Similarly, why can’t a woman be a wrestler, a physical education teacher, a cartoonist, a truck driver, a bus driver, a train driver, a mechanic, a carpenter and so on.

Why do we have all these inhibitions, these stereotypes in our society??

Can’t we rise above them?

I know in some countries, these rules have been broken. For instance, I have seen women bus drivers in the US and hats off to the confidence with which they drive! I have seen a lot of men who are chefs at restaurants and hats off to them too…

However, I think we are yet to see

MEN as kindergarten teachers..
More women as wrestlers…
Men as homemakers…
Women as CEOs…
More Women as Pilots…

More women as carpenters, mechanics and so on…

In today’s world, when men and women have both reached OUTER SPACE, then why these inhibitions exist in our world??

Why do we have these stereotypes???

For examples, I feel many men who are excellent at taking care of kids would make wonderful kindergarten teachers! Similarly, many women would make awesome house builders etc…

Let’s break the stereotypes…. They just pull us down…. Let’s ALL rise above them!!!


Daughter….a word that brings so many emotions to our mind…

Daughter…. who is a daddy’s favorite…and a mommy’s angel…

Daughter….who brings so much joy and happiness to a family…

Daughter…who is an angel from heaven above…

Yet…. so many people crave for another child after having a daughter in the hope of “completing their family”…. Why?

What is a ‘complete family’? – A daughter and a son – WHY?

Why is one child ‘incomplete’ without the other?

In so many households in many countries… people crave for many children…especially boys… for their own personal reasons…

Daughters are so so so so so special that words cannot describe them… They can only be expressed in emotions…

Every act that a daughter does is an emotion in itself… A blessing… Some kind of MAGIC…💖

Each girl has so many dreams in her heart… so many emotions since childhood…

This article is not about daughters and sons but about CHILDREN in general…


Having brothers and sisters is good but not to ‘complete families…’.

EACH CHILD IS complete.

How would you feel if you were a child and your parents said…”We need more children to complete this family…”… You’d be like…. “What the hell? Am I not complete?”….

Sometimes, the notions in this world confuse me… There are crazy criterias that society has built and foolishly everyone is abiding by them!

There are notions like…

Daughter and son complete a family.
Daughters have to move on after marriage.
Sons should not be stay at home dads.
Husbands have to be stronger than wives.

For God’s sake guys!!!!…. Rise above them….. OPEN YOUR MINDS AND YOUR HEARTS….

Let Life thrive any way it wants…. Then you will see miracles…. Kindness and humbleness thrive…🌈 Love and happiness thrive…..

ACCEPT everything with OPEN MINDS…. It’s ok…. It’s LIFE… Everyone gets just one chance to live… Let them live the way they WANT to…..

Let them be…

Let everyone be…



LIVE while it lasts….🎈

For God’s sake…

For God’s sake…


The ‘enemy’ of Man

The enemy of man and mankind is not any other man or any other breed of animal. It is his or her own laziness.

When someone is lazy, it takes away all his energy, all his capability, all his enthusiasm and all his strength. It makes one very lethargic and negative towards life.

Laziness brings negative thoughts, fears and insecurities. 😢

When you are lazy, you just cannot work hard and all your emotions are driven by confusions.

“What is the point of living such a purposeless life?” – These are the thoughts that tend to emerge.

The one and only way to overcome laziness is to ‘Get up and get going…’ 🙂

Everyone should be driven by purpose, goals and aims in life.

Where there is a purpose, there is enthusiasm to keep moving forward, no matter how situations are.


We need to just keep going…. keep doing what we need to do. We need to inspire others, future generations… kids and even grown ups…

Learning should continue at all ages… NO MATTER WHAT… 🌈

We should not breed negativity, laziness, jealousy or any other negative emotion in our minds and our hearts. They only… and only hurt us before they hurt anyone else.

Any negative feeling for that matter, hurts us first before it hurts anyone else.

When you feel lazy, “TRY” to do something… Start by doing something small… and then slowly, incrementally increase your stamina and capability… 👍

If at some point, you feel very negative, passive and lazy…. then seek professional help. (Either from a psychologist/psychiatrist or any mental health professional)

Sometimes, just opening your heart out to people…. helps you heal. 💖

Psochology and psychiatry are parts of MEDICAL SCIENCE. They are nothing to be afraid of. Just like you go to a stomach doctor or a kidney doctor, similarly you go to a BRAIN DOCTOR.

Brain is an organ. It’s not something to be scared of. It’s like any other organ in the body.

In today’s world, the most important thing that the future generation needs is ‘Peace of Mind’. They need the ability to focus, concentrate and slowly and steadily move towards their goal, with perseverance, dedication and motivation. ✌

Stress is the most common disease that impacts the younger generation. It has ‘kind of’ become a status symbol… If you are working… you should be stressed… else you are not working enough!!

If you want to stay away from all negative emotions.. like laziness, stress etc…. Then do yourself a favor… BE KIND TO YOURSELF…. Be happy where you are…. DO NOT compare yourself to others… Everyone has their own journey…. their own destiny…

And…. in the end… we all have to come back to 0. We start at 0 and we end at 0. Then where is the competition….

Laziness…. is the BIGGEST enemy to progress… to GROWTH and to PROSPERITY…

Be Kind to yourself… Pamper yourself… Love yourself… Don’t hurt yourself (EVER!!!!)….

Overcome laziness…. and try to familiarize yourself with the functioning of the brain…. Then you will understand how important it is to OVERCOME THE BLOCKERS OF THE MIND…..

Understand the science of the brain… understand the science of laziness….

Stay happy! Stay safe! Stay active!🏃‍♂️

Karma is Destiny and Destiny is Karma

A lot of people say that “What you sow is what you reap” or… “You get the results of your karma in this life itself…”…. or “Your destiny is a result of your karma”… 🤷‍♂️

It is very hard to tell if this is true or not. But I believe… and have also experienced that… “Karma results in Karma”…

When you sow a seed, a plant appears and then you need to water the plant to make it grow.
When you read a book to a student, it increases their knowledge and then they can implement new ideas.
When you clean a mirror, it shows better image and then people can admire their image in it.

When you throw trash, it is processed by a trash processing plant.

In other words, every Karma results in new Karma. When one thing is moved from one place to another, it has to in turn be moved from that place to another new place.

Everything has a lifecycle. Karma results in new karma and that results in new karma.

Then, where is the question of destiny? …. Our own karma becomes our destiny and someone else’s karma may also become our destiny.

Destiny is also a form of karma. When we get something in our destiny, we have to “DO” something with it. In other words, at no point of time are we “Not doing karma”.

We are constantly churning and being churned into this lifecycle of karma.

There is absolutely no need to differentiate between karma and destiny. What we have done is karma… What we are doing is Karma and what we will do in future is also karma.

Some people feel very happy when they get millions of dollars…. but they have to “DO” something with that money…. Otherwise it is of no value…. It is just lying there… like every other artificial thing in your house.

When you want to give something to your child to learn, give them “Work”…. Give them “Something to do…”…. “Something that will make them learn”.

I read somewhere that “If you want to make someone rich… give them money” but “If you want to make them richer…. give them WORK!” 👍😊

Everything is a process…. and it’s only and only “the process” that heals….

The process of “creation, manifestation and destruction”…. That is the essence of transformation and peace…. That is Karma and there is nothing else “Beyond it”!!

If you want to feel fulfilled in life… “Always DO something”… If you are always “BUSY”…. Life is good.

As long as you are moving…. you are part of the process of transformation…. You are a part of KARMA…. You are KARMA!! ✔

The beauty of Karma lies in its “incompleteness”…. in its “not knowing all”… Because no matter what you do… You can NEVER EVER understand “ALL OF KARMA”…

Universe… is not God.

A lot of old scriptures and texts say that the “Universe” is god… that every piece of this galaxy and all the other galaxies and the entire visible and invisible universe is nothing but God.

How can it be possible?

How can the universe be God?

Is there any scientific proof?

We know that planets are made of rocks and other physical substances and earth is the only planet that has water and life.

Inspite of trying so hard, we haven’t been able to find life on any other planet.

Then how can the whole universe (“Brahmaand”) be = God.

These are just mischievious ways of playing with our minds. We are made to believe that every spec on this planet and all other planets are being run by God…. that all the energies of the world are under the influence of a “universal spectacular marvelous supernatural” force…

We have always read that Force = Mass * Acceleration (in Physics)

Then how can there be a magananimous force of this kind that can shake, create or destroy the whole universe?

Earth has been forming and reforming for billions of years…

And for those billions of years… no one has found life on any other planet.

Then Universe is not God…

If the Universe is God…then I would rather have a new universe where…

“No child is ever left under nourished”
“No child is ever abused or ill treated”
“No one is left alone and everyone has someone to count on”
“Education is valued, encouraged and free for all”
“Where people support each other instead of stabbing each other”
“Where there is no evil and if there is… it is quickly transformed into good”
“Where there is freedom of speech and expression”
“Where everyone is treated equally and with respect”
“Where love exists beyond possible measure…”

That is the kind of universe I would call God…

Not just stars and planets and galaxies and some invisible unique force driving their oscillations…

That unique force which I would call God, exists within US…. in the minutest possible detail of us…. in our eyes… in our ears… in our speech…. in our SOUL….

It exists in the exact same way in the most beautiful person (if there is one) and the most evil person (if there is one) on earth….

It is THE SAME all throughout…. EVERYWHERE…. It never differentiates…. never hurts and ALWAYS HEALS….

That is my universe. That is God.

Broken things – New things

This morning when I was working in the kitchen, I accidently struck my hand on a coffee mug and it fell to the ground and broke…. and then I realized… it’s so hard to fix broken things. Sometimes, no matter how much you try, even after mending it, you still see cracks.

Does that mean things should never be broken? Does that mean old things should live on forever….?

If they don’t break, how will new things be formed?

Old things have always been broken….. old ways of living, old civilizations…. old relationships… and then new things form…. new civilizations and new people…

When old habits break…. new habits are formed….

Some people say that it’s very hard to break old habits…. but I feel where there is a will, there is a way. If you set your mind to something…. and continuously try to improve upon it… you will succeed at breaking old habits and forming new ones…

When old things break or die…. we call it “death”… and then when new things are born…we call it “birth”… but isn’t everything running in a cycle….

Old things die… new things form…. old relationships die… new relationships are formed….

The death of one thing leads to the birth of another thing….

When my coffee mug broke this morning, it split up into 2 pieces…. the handle of the mug fell in one corner and the mug fell in another corner….

Just like one cell splits into multiple cells in our body… the death of one cell leads to the birth of multiple cells…

Death of an old object… leads to the birth of another object…

As soon as something is born, it is bound to die… Someday… that is INEVITABLE…

However…. no matter how much things break and reform…. there are just a few things…. very few things… that are in your hands and “Should not” be broken…

Certain special relationships… certain memorable things belonging to your children….

Certain friendships….Respect for parents and elders….

They should not be broken!

Just like there is a “Chakra” of breaking and reforming …. Similarly…. there might be a chakra of birth, death and rebirth…. Who knows? Who can tell? No one… Absolutely no one.

We can only say…. BE CAREFUL…. Avoid breaking things… Focus on “Mending, fixing, forgiving and creating….”

In the end, it’s not the people who “break” that are valued…. but it’s actually the people who “Mend” things…

If your ego ever comes in between a friendship or a relationship…. keep it aside and just try to heal things…

Let things go…. let things flow…

Don’t break…. and if it does… try to remake…. until possible.

Specially abled kids also have a RIGHT to live.

I’ve heard that sometimes, if parents find out that there is some deformity in their to-be-born child, or some kind of malfunction in the body, they are given the choice to abort the child. (In certain countries)


Who gives them the right to take that child’s life away even before he/she’s born? Why can’t that child LIVE??


You cannot snatch that right away from the child and take away all his other abilities…

Maybe that deformed child CAN really make a huge difference in the world…

Maybe that specially-abled kid has a lot to give to this world…

Maybe he/she has a very bright destiny…


Today, the world has developed so much that there is a lot of information available about birth control. If you CANNOT take care of a child, don’t produce one.

But IF YOU WANT TO HAVE A CHILD, be prepared to deal with all deformities… abnormalities… or any other malfunctions in his/her body. Be prepared to LOVE YOUR CHILD, inspite of any abnormalities.


I understand that it’s a blessing to have a healthy child but it’s absolutely fine to have a specially abled child too….THERE IS NO CHILD IN THIS WORLD WHO DOESNT HAVE ANY HEALTH ISSUE….. Humans are MORTAL…. Everyone is bound to have issues and die one day…

LET LIFE FLOURISH…. inspite of any deformities…..

There are thousands of examples of how specially abled children have MADE a difference in this world…

Here’s an article about EXTRAORDINARY PERSONALITIES with disabilities:


Disability: Born with right hand only – Bharat Kumar was born with a right hand by birth, but his physical disability never dissuade him from pursuing his dreams. Born on Dec 10, 1989, Bharat Kumar, a world champion, has made Bharat (India) proud by winning over 50 medals in para- swimming contests.

Disability: Amputee – The renowned Indian classical dancer and TV actress Sudha Chandran met an accident, at the age of 17, when she was travelling from Mumbai to Chennai. In the tragedy, she lost her left leg that had to be amputated. But, the brave woman did not give up her indomitable spirit and continued to fulfill her dream and profession with the help of Jaipur foot.

Disability: Amputee – 27-year-old Arunima Sinha lost her left leg in an unfortunate incident on April 11, 2011. Achievement: Despite the fact that she lost a leg, she did not gave up the spirit of her life and defied all conceivable odds. Infact, Arunima decided to convert her weakness into her biggest strength and by her true determination, on May 21, 2013, she achieved the rare feat to become the first Indian amputee to conquer the Mount Everest, with the help of a prosthetic leg.

Disability: Became Quadriplegic at the age of 18 on 11th July, 1998.– Achievement: Preethi Srinivasan, who was the captain of the under-19 Tamil Nadu women’s cricket team during its only victory in a national tournament in 1997 and a champion in swimming, has defeated her disabilities with her strong will.

Disability: Lost one leg in a train accident, when he was just 2 years old. Achievement: Girish Sharma, a badminton champion, has proved that no matter whatever the circumstances are, you can still be a Champion in your preferred field in your life. The determined boy never let his disability to become an obstacle in achieving his goals. In an interview, Girish was quoted as saying, “When I was a child, I used to play Cricket, Football, Badminton with normal children of my age. My disability was nowhere near in my mind. I enjoyed those games as much as a normal person does.”

Disability: Suffers from rare motor neuron disease and speaks with the help of a voice synthesiser. When he was 21 years old, the doctors declared that he would not survive more than 2 or 3 years. He was born on January 8, 1942 and was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. In 2009, he lost his control over different parts of the body including arms, legs and voice and at the end of 2009, he totally became paralysed. Achievement: One of the most brilliant scientists alive, wheelchair-bound British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, attended Oxford University in England, as an undergraduate student. He received his Ph.D in 1966 from Cambridge University. By the time he was 35 years old, Hawking was Cambridge’s first Gravitational Physics professor and received the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics award. [Artificial intelligence could end humanity, warns Stephen Hawking] Stephen Hawking has also published a book called A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes.

Disability: Born on March 14, 1879 and had a learning disability and did not speak until age 3. He had a very difficult time doing maths in school. It was also very hard for him to express himself through writing. Was severely dyslexic and autistic. Achievement: The great Albert Einstein fought his disability and entered into the world of theoretical physics where he changed the face of physics and science forever. His theory of relativity is said to be the most revolutionary theory of physics. He won a Nobel Prize for his photoelectric effect theory in 1921.

Disability: Dyslexic in his childhood and attended a special school. Achievement: Eventually, Abhishek overcame the disorder and went on to become a classic actor. His father and Bollywood legend Amitabh Bacchan too miraculously survived a fatal accident in 1982 on the sets of film “Coolie”, but, with his strong determination, he still rules the Indian film industry.


Known God (Science) and Unknown God

There are thousands of literatures about God, religion, mythology and so on. Each has its own beliefs, standards, philosophies etc. People follow all of these literatures and take their actions…. some visit temples, some visit other religious places and follow all kinds of rituals.

The works of God are unknown. That is why people say that the future is unknown.

However, there is a “Known God” too…. and I call that God, “Science”.

Science is based on FACTS – that something is bound to happen. There are formulaes and rules and algorithms, based on which things happen.

When we heat water – it boils.
When water is frozen – it turns into ice.
When something goes up – it comes down due to gravity.
These are KNOWN RULES.

SCIENCE has saved the lives of millions of people.

Many surgeries that could not be accomplished in the earlier times, are now easily accomplished….and they save LIVES of people.

Many women earlier died due to pregnancy complications…. because scientific theories were not well developed at that time….. However, now, women and their infants can be saved because of science.


Wouldn’t you trust science more than God?

Next time, when some one is ill and you feel like praying…. Do pray… but more than that…. SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE….

Next time, when someone is sick and you want to post it on social media…. remember that it would rather be better if you visit a doctor, rather than posting on social media.

If you really want to help the society, contribute to developments in science and technology…. Contribute to the scientific postulates and ideologies….

Take part in experiments… Believe in FACTS…

Next time, when someone gives you a religious belief, try to REASON it out too and find its scientific significance.

The struggle between SCIENCE and RELIGION has been going on for years, however, SCIENCE in proven.

Believe in science and encourage your future generations to also believe in science.


41379498 – hand drawn science on chalkboard.