Reap what you sow

The earth is a magical ground where all things are created and life is born!

All the millions of creatures on the earth are given the power to sow seeds of life and create new life!

Everything begins with the seed…

God creates the seed but the “Power to sow, power to nurture and the power to kill” lies in the hands of living beings.

God is just creating the seed, which grows into a flower, then a fruit and then the seed again…

Some people say that God is giving birth and death but that’s not true…. Birth happens when a living being plants a seed in the earth and death happens when a living being out of his own will, or through an accident or due to health issues… gives up his/her life…

The world is based on free will…. and that is Karma

God has given the choice of “Doing/Not doing” something to YOU…


You will REAP whatever you SOW…. That is the law of KARMA…

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