IMMENSE appreciation for life….

There are points in your life when you just look back and wonder…. “What did I learn from all those years?”…. You look back at your childhood pictures…. pictures of your parents, brothers, sisters, family, friends and then wonder…. “I wish I could GO BACK…just one time”

No one can go back. That’s the rule of nature…

But think, when you were in those moments of your past…. Did you really appreciate them for what they were? (Playing with your friends…. swinging on the swing… Eating your favorite roadside snack!)….. Did u really appreciate them?

Do you now appreciate where you are, what you are doing….how far you have come…

Do you complain about life every now and then?

Is it too difficult to appreciate life? Is it too difficult to realize that every emotion, every moment, every little thing that you do or are able to do, is PRECIOUS and PRICELESS!!

No price tags can be attached to life or any moment of life!! It’s just too too too precious!! …. and it just slips from your hands while you are worrying or complaining or cribbing….

Appreciate everything….. EVERYTHING…. EVERY single emotion…. Every single feeling…. Every single thought….. Even if it is a thought of anger or jealousy or greed….

Appreciate the beautiful emotions like love, happiness, peace, joy, beauty, laughter….. But do not forget to appreciate the negative emotions as well….

They are just two sides of the same coin!! One cannot exist without the other…

Laughter has its meaning because there are tears…

Happiness has a meaning because there is sadness…

Kindness has a meaning because there is harshness…

Positives and negatives both are supposed to exist…. Because this variation…. from positive to negative and then to positive again is LIFE!!!

U have to appreciate both sides of the spectrum…. Because this spectrum of emotions is what makes life!!

IMMENSE Appreciation for life means you appreciate the entire spectrum…. all the colors… all the phases….. everything positive and negative about life!!! You don’t dislike any emotion. You accept and appreciate everything!!!! THE ENTIRE LIFE!!!!! – with all its shades….. rainbow, black, gray and white!!

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