If trees didn’t have roots….

Imagine if trees didn’t have roots…. if trees could just freely move from one place to another…. all the plants, shrubs, trees…. they all could travel and move along where ever they wanted…. Wouldn’t it be chaotic?
Then we would need traffic rules for trees too… Procedures on when trees can cross roads…. when they can travel abroad…. visas for trees and so on…

But the reality is that trees stay connected to their roots…. they eat their food and water from the earth… do photosynthesis…. give out oxygen and finally die at the same place….

Trees don’t have unlimited wants and desires like traveling to Australia and London and all the other places….

Trees are happy staying connected to their roots, doing their work, making food, giving out shade and oxygen and finally dying….

Man on the other hand is doing just the opposite… Man travels… becomes greedy for things…. wants more and gives less and …. IS LOSING CONNECTION to their ROOTS…

Our roots are:

Respect for each other and humanity

Love for family members and friends

Peace in the society

Appreciation for what we already have

Thankfulness towards God!

Can we not stay connected to our roots? Can we be a little less greedy? Can we try to take less and give more…. Can we do service more than serving ourselves…?

The more we stay connected to our roots…. the less we NEED from the world….!! Less we get worried about and more peaceful we become!

Tell your kids to stay connected to the human roots of love, honesty, sacrifice, patience, satisfaction and thankfulness! Then they will need less from the outside world…!! They will crave less and worry less….

Become like trees… stay connected to the roots!!

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