The power of “consent”

Teach your kids the power of “Consent”.

Teach them to ASK before they hug a friend…. by just saying… “Can I hug you?”

Teach a boy to ask a girl before he holds her hand…”Can I hold your hand?”

Teach a girl to take consent too before she approaches a boy she likes.

CONSENT… such a small word but it holds such a deep meaning….

It means the other person is allowing you to do something with his permission and with due respect.

It means you are not doing anything to hurt the other person unintentionally but ASKING them first.

It means they respect your body, your emotions and your feelings.

How would you feel if someone just pounces on you and gives you a hug?? Wouldn’t you feel better if they seek permission and ASK you first. Wouldn’t that be a more comfortable emotion?

Many times we assume that just because he/she is my friend, I can hug him… or do anything…. Who said that is right and who gave you the right??

Human body seeks RESPECT. Just like you wouldn’t like if someone hurts your feelings or your mind…. same way you should not hurt anyone’s feelings or mind.

CONSENT means the person is mentally ready for what you have asked them to do.

Most forms of harassment or assault come when there is “lack of consent.”… When someone is forcing their wants, their desires or their physical presence on someone else….

CONSENT between all parties means they have agreed to do something willingly and there will be no second thoughts or guilt about it.

CONSENT is a BIG POWER and everyone SHOULD ASK for consent before approaching anyone…. especially when it’s something related to their body.

A lot of friends….even kids… touch each other’s hair…. each other’s faces …. without ASKING for CONSENT…. This later makes them feel ashamed or harassed….

TO ASK… is a form of RESPECT…. IT MEANS YOU ARE EVEN READY TO HEAR “NO” and will not MIND/DISREGARD A PERSON just because they said NO.

When we used to watch the religious indian TV serial… “Ramayana”… there was a sentence that was used in it a lot of times…. students often said to their teachers and parents before leaving somewhere… It was…“Aagya deejiye..” which meant…”Please give me permission to go”. It was a sacred form of respect.

This form of permission should be taught by parents to kids….right from childhood so that when they grow up… they learn to SEEK permission from their friends, their boyfriends/girlfriends and also their spouses.


Don’t differentiate between relationships between kids or adults… Human body must be respected in all forms…. IN ALL RELATIONSHIPS….

THAT IS THE ONLY WAY WE CAN PROTECT OUR KIDS…. IF WE TEACH THEM TO TAKE AND GIVE CONSENT….. Only and only this can stop all forms of Physical and mental abuse.

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