Daily Archives: October 12, 2020

Aren’t all families perfect?

A lot of people say that if you have two kids, a boy and a girl, then your family is complete. Why do they say so?

Wasn’t or isn’t the family complete with one kid or no kids? What’s wrong in that? What about families with two girls or three girls or two boys or three boys? There are so many variations but why is it that only a family with a boy and a girl is classified as “Perfect”?

Why do we have these definitions of “a perfect family” and a “a perfect world” when we all know that none of us is perfect.

I lived in India for the first 25 years of my life. I have heard people (especially some poor people) get disappointed when a girl child is born. They continuously produce babies, so that they can get one boy child.

Boy and girl are just two human beings. They are EQUAL. They are perfect just the way they are. The world SHOULD offer EQUAL opportunities, EQUAL RESPECT and EQUAL LOVE to both genders.

Even families with special needs kids are perfect. Families that have love in their hearts are PERFECT in spite of living with their imperfections.


The one and only reason that you should bring a life into this new world is because YOU RESPECT and LOVE LIFE! … and you want this world to flourish and grow.

If you don’t RESPECT LIFE… if all you’re going to do is make that new human being’s life miserable…. then please DONT bring a new life into this world. They are not coming into this world to suffer or to struggle… they are coming into this world to Enjoy…. to love… to share….to breathe….to just LIVE their heart out…. That’s it…. They are not destined to do any KARMA….. They are just coming into this world to experience life in its entirety!!

LOVE KIDS… Love them with all your heart…. ALLLLLL YOUR HEART…. They are such beautiful and gentle creatures….. Like a blank slate that you can fill up with love and happiness…. They have no inhibitions… no rules about this world…. no opinions…. They just start showering love as soon as they are born….. Let them BE…..

All kids are perfect….. the differently abled….and those who are sick…..and even those who live for even a few minutes before they leave this world. THEY ARE ALSO PERFECT!!

Please spread love and acceptance as much as you CAN…..

Society and work are just arrangements for people to live collaboratively and support each other. There might be even something BETTER THAN that ….. that we realize in future!

If you LOVE life…. LOVE it in ALL its FORMS…..!!!!! (ALL ITS FORMS)

Don’t differentiate….. don’t hurt…. don’t harass… don’t criticize….. Just love and accept EACH PERSON, EACH HUMAN BEING, EACH FAMILY, EVERYONE with all your heart!