Major change in society

Who made the tradition that when a girl gets married, she has to leave her parents house and move to the husband’s house. Why can’t the boy move to the girl’s house? What is wrong with that?

If women are now equally financially independent then even this rule should change some day. Sometimes the boy can move in to the girl’s house and sometimes the girl. Why always the girl??? There should be equality in that too. Maybe 6 months they can live at the girl’s house and 6 months at the boy’s house.

Why are girls expected to sacrifice their name, their relationships, everything that belongs to them, just to get married to someone? Why can’t boys sacrifice sometime.

It should be a joint decision between the groom and the bride regarding where they want to stay and with whom. This should be one of the criterias when deciding a life partner.

The society has to change. Girls cannot be made to sacrifice all the time. They are also human beings, not puppets that u can just move around where ever u want. They have hearts too.

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