Prayers are not mandatory… ‘Harmony’ is essential.

When God gave us life… he did not expect us to pray to him everyday and light hundreds of candles or sing multiple songs in his glory…. Is there any note written by God himself that says…. “Every person MUST pray”…. God would not expect ANYTHING from us in return for this life….! … Except…. to try to live in harmony with each other.

This one expectation is not from God but from humanity in general…. that we must try to help each other whenever possible. We should support each other, guide each other and continuously help each other grow.

This minor expectation or rather need for the growth of society in general comes from one basic fact that TOGETHER WE SUCCEED… ALONE WE PERISH…

The sustainability of humanity or any life in general lies in togetherness, cooperation and interdependence with each other.

We cannot survive without dependence on each other and on Mother Earth.

Nobody is asking us to pray everyday…. or sing songs in praise of the Lord… that is something we do out of our own will or because we believe in some religion. But then, religion is also man made…. so those are the expectations of religion, not of God.

If a person, truly believes in God, spends his/her entire life helping the society in general through work, sacrifice, giving….. then isn’t his life a form of Prayer itself? Where does the need for religion or any form of fear arise then?

Imagine if you spend an hour each day praying, but instead you start spending that same one hour, feeding the hungry, serving in an old age home or just taking care of your own body…. wouldn’t that be a greater form of fulfillment?

I am not saying that we shouldn’t pray at all…. but understand the need for prayers… For every act that you do in the name of God…. ASK “WHY? am I doing that?”…..

Help kids…. educate society…. educate the world…. bring peace and harmony…. and God’s rule will automatically follow….

To Serve the society should be the only motto of everyone’s life…. not to gain or to collect… but just to serve with an open heart and an open mind….!

Next time you pray….. think if there is any other practical way in which you could do service and maybe…. you will change the method of your prayers… which in turn will give you inner peace and happiness….

God does not demand anything…. Prayers are not mandatory….. HARMONY is essential.





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