Victory of Good over Evil

Whatever “works“… gets created, maintained or destroyed. The only way of creation, survival or destruction in this world is through “Karma”.

Karma involves work of the mind, body and soul.

Everything and every being gets involved in the Karma process right since its birth.

The only way good can surpass the evil is through karma. It’s a constant, never ending battle between the two forces.

These two forces work in our minds as well as in reality.

Imagine if there were separate sections in the society for good and bad people or good karma and bad karma, then there will be no intermingling between the two….. no struggle, no battle and no victory of good over evil. Evil would work in their silos and good would work in their silos and both will co-exist.

Our goal is to continuously surpass the evil and make the good win. That can be done only when there is mixing of the two forces in some form and that intermixing or exchange is the force of life.

Life makes people go from one point to another and somehow …. life, good, faith, honesty and other values survive each day.

There may be some evil in the good and there may be some good in the evil. In the end, they are just two forces acting on each other. Sometimes one wins and sometimes the other but the overall force of life… makes good win over evil all the time.

If u want your next generation to be safe, secure, nourished and involved in the process of growth, then do encourage them to participate in the interchange of the forces of good and evil. This comes naturally because not even a grain of sand can stay away from the forces of Karma.

Everything is moving….Doing something…. Good or bad… no one knows….

If u believe in the victory of good over evil and if u want life to survive on this planet, u have to continuously participate in the forces of life and make good win. It’s all in your hands!

Do good…. Be good…

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