The body.

Life originates in a body and once the body dies, life dies.

Have you ever wondered why all the scriptures across most religions talk about detachment from the worldly things in some form?

Why do we all, irrespective of how rich or poor we are, get up and move our body to receive more from life?

Whether it is the Prime minister of a nation or a poor farmer, every single person, gets up and MOVES ON… IN and WITH their bodies.

Why can’t we all just sit in one place and enjoy and relish the material things we have gained in this life?

If you were given a choice that “You will be given all the gold, silver and diamonds in the world… you will have the most expensive cars…. the biggest palace on the planet… and the greatest wealth you could have ever imagined about…. BUT only on one condition…. YOU WILL NOT USE YOUR BODY TO DO ANYTHING ANYMORE. You will just sit in one place, not move, not talk, not see, not feel, not hear, not DO ANYTHING.” Would you accept it? ……… If not, then you will realize that the above mentioned things combined together also cannot compete with the REAL COST of this BODY.

When you were born with a body, you were born to FEEL, to ENJOY your various senses, to EAT… to LIVE…… Not to COLLECT or GAIN Or Spend…. Those are just additional things…. that we do…. for existence…

LIFE is not to COLLECT but to REFLECT….
LIFE is not to OWN but to SHARE…
LIFE is not to GAIN but to BELIEVE THAT WE ALL ARE EQUAL no matter what we gain…
LIFE is not to HURT this body but to cherish it as a valuable gift which makes you EXIST…

Sometimes people say… it’s all in the mind…

But I think it’s all in the body (including the mind!)

Even if one organ fails or stops working…. You wish you could just somehow get that ability back…

Who knows if there is re-incarnation or not? Lots of scriptures talk about it but no one can prove it…

The way the body dissolves in the mud once dead…. I wonder if there is any rarest possibility to RE-CREATE the same body ever? Can God do that? And how amazing is God’s world that billions of people all over the world have the same organs but different body compositions….

Do we even realize the worth of this BODY? It’s something that CANNOT be measured by ANY MEANS possible.

Then why do people hurt each other…. Exploit each other… WHY?? Don’t they realize the worth of this body? ….. Why don’t they?

I wish every person on this planet respects the beauty of life and the human body because it’s not possible to RE-CREATE the same body ever again….


We are taught to leave everything else behind and the LAST THING we leave is the BODY. That’s our greatest companion in this journey of LIFE.

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