Daily Archives: June 17, 2020

Sickness as a blessing…

Can sickness ever be a blessing?

When the body is sick, it teaches us a lot of things. It teaches us that we are not permanent, that everything is transient. It teaches us the importance of taking care of our body. It teaches us the feeling of pain. It tells us that we can be dependent on other people many times during our life. It teaches us that we have to LIVE THROUGH the sickness and keep MOVING ON, no matter what.

Everyone falls sick once in a while. It’s like the most common thing in the world! When a family member falls sick, you suddenly realize his/her value or importance. U miss them… care for them more and try to help them in whatever way possible.

Imagine if God gave u a choice to choose your sickness – the type and the time- then what kind of sickness would u choose?

Maybe something that is painless for us and for others. Something that comes at a time when no other family member gets disturbed. Something that teaches a lesson to others and a sickness that just goes away on its own! … Like a miracle! 👍✨💫🌟

Everyone has to fall sick in life. If u don’t fall sick, then how will u realize the worth of this body!

Now, it’s important to fall sick at just the right time, in front of just the right people and get cured in just the right timeframe! Then sickness will also become a blessing! … (A different kind of blessing)

Let’s all pray that if God gives us sickness, he chooses the right time and the right purpose for us to fall sick and also gives us a strength to either come out of the sickness completely or surrender to it until closure. (Whichever way is better for us according to God!)

Life has to go on…. more people have to come into this world… so the older ones have to go! …. This is reality…

When we fall sick, let’s not consider it a curse but rather try to UNDERSTAND the purpose behind it!….

Let’s all sync our happiness and sickness into God’s timelines… then everything would be perfect! …. Even sickness…