Depression can be cured

Today I read the news of a young film star committing suicide at the age of 34. It was very sad and disheartening. He was a rising star and did great performances. He was at the pinnacle of success and fame. Then why did he take this step?

The newspapers say he was suffering from clinical depression, so he died.

I want to say something from the perspective of all those who have suffered from depression at some point in their lives. Depression CAN BE cured. It’s just like any other physical illness and HAS a solution. It’s NOT THE END of the world.

Depression does not lead to DEATH. Uncured or Un-treated depression may lead a person into taking such a big step such as suicide.

It’s high time now… and we all have to remove the Stigma of Mental illnesses. Mental illness is not a curse. It’s something that CAN be treated through therapy, medications or just by counseling. It may take time but it CAN BE treated.

If you even have a slightest hint of going through sadness, depression, anxiety or suspiciousness etc…. It’s important to see a doctor/therapist.

Just like we don’t hesitate from seeing a physician or an orthopedist or any other specialist, people should not hesitate from seeing a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

Brain is the MOST important organ in the human body. It is like the control panel and yet we ignore it! Why? Just because people are worried about what others may think or how they may be perceived?

Why is there so much judgement about patients going to a psychologist? What is wrong in that?

Mental illness is not a crime. But IGNORING the state of mind may be a big mistake!!

Seek help…. reach out to people/specialists who can help. TALK to people who have speciliased in this field.

Open up to friends…. family….

It might just prevent many more suicides in future… it might just help people lead happier and more fulfilling lives!!

It might just HEAL people from INSIDE!!

We are in 2020!!!!! We have to let go all out inhibitions now…. And believe in the field of medical science of the brain….. We have to believe in psychologists and psychiatrists and therapists… They are there for a reason!

In Medical science, there is a quote… Doctors say, “ We treat and he heals” where ‘he’ refers to GOD! The same applies in brain science too… “Psychologists treat but HE HEALS!” … God intervenes in Mental science too…. because God is everywhere…

We have to encourage our next generation to see counselors and therapists even at the slightest hint of depression or sadness…. Sometimes just talking to the doctor like a friend helps!

I wish we can make a difference…. and reduce the number of suicides by encouraging people to see a doctor! It’s ok and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.


UNTREATED depression MAY lead to DEATH.

There is a huge difference!!

Let’s pledge to take care of our minds as much as our bodies!! Minds need a lot of care too…..

LETS HEAL OUR MINDS …. and keep it as our HIGHEST priority!

Let’s believe in the science of the brain! Let’s believe in psychology of the mind and be open minded.

Let’s encourage people to see a brain doctor just like we encourage them to see a bone doctor or a nerve doctor…

Let’s hope we don’t hear of any suicide cases ever again! Let’s cure the illness before it reaches that level.

Let’s all heal each other…

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