What’s more important than God…..

Imagine that you work in some toy workshop and someone gives you a job to make a toy. You get all the specifications and start working on the toy. You give it a shape, color, all your favorite things and finally you give that toy to someone to play with. The other person is very careless and breaks your toy or bangs it on the wall…..How would you feel then?….

Now, think, If someone gives you a task, to create a new human being from scratch… the eyes, nose, ears, all the various systems… digestive, respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems…. all the bones and muscles and neurons and nerves and vessels….and deliver that new being to someone else. The other person again is careless ….and shouts, screams, gets angry at this new human being. Now how would u feel???

That is exactly how God feels when WE get mad at Our children ( Who truly are HIS children)…

God puts in so much effort in creating a child’s sense organs, body parts, sense of feeling, touch etc, HEART with a heartbeat and as soon as that kid comes into this world, we start TRAINING them our own way and we teach them through our anger, stress and frustrations….

No doubt we love them too… but there are times when we get mad at them for no reason…. and the little kids…. their little heart just melts inside… and tears roll out….

Is this how we are supposed to behave with HIS children?

He doesn’t give us a child to boss around at…

He gives us a child to love… to adore… to guide… and to train for this world…

He gives us a child so we learn how to love and believe in the future…

He gives us a child to understand how precious they are… They are like a blank canvas on which you can paint anything…. Good or bad… Whatever you paint…. they will remember….

Ask those who don’t have children…. how much they long and crave for these little beings….

And those who have them… Don’t treat them well sometimes….

Can we not make KIDS our HIGHEST priority….? Not just my kids or your kids but ALL KIDS….

Can we not give them complete attention when they want to talk to us? Can we not trust them and believe in them? Can we not consider them even more important than GOD….

Children are our future…. They are going to build the new world…. They are tomorrow’s leaders….! How can we underestimate their importance? How can we shrug ourselves off our responsibility and just let them be on their own…?

Can we treat them like angels sent by GOD? Can we realize how important it is to teach them the true meaning of love so that they teach others….

Can we not hug them at night for a little longer? Can we not bless them a little more than what we possibly can? Can we not sit with them for hours and hours and just listen to their endless stories?

Are other things really so important that we can ignore our own children?

What’s more important than GOD!? What CAN be more important than GOD? …..

….Children…Who have the purest and cleanest hearts! Who look at everyone with the same set of eyes… who never distinguish…. and just give out pure love to everyone…

Children are God sent… And they are more important than God…



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